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TAGGED.COM pets game
« on: November 10, 2017, 11:56:34 PM »
I have Malwarebytes and they BLOCK the WHOLE domain...

You give it a thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The test for a browser isn't if you can open one page and it works...
because a lot can be going on that you don't know about.

The test for is create an account and play the PETS game.
Then open 20 pages all the same PETS page.
Then listen for the FAN to run, the CPU and memory to climb to 100% on a seemingly STATIC page.
I wondered what the heck is going on here (please excuse my bad language)
So I used Malwarebytes full version for limited time. (no credit card required so I did it)
POOF, Malwarebytes actually blocks the TOP LEVEL TAGGED.COM domain(wow I have never seen that before)
So I want to play pets, so I click allow..........
But still what is going on that my CPU, my Memory, and my HARD drive read/writes are 100%
So I added uBlock to get a list of what is going on using their logger.
I have a mential disability and even I knew that something wasn't right, but how am I suppose to
figure it out.
After a year, I have turned off and on different BLOCKS to trying to be able to play the game
and block whatever is hacking my browser and computer (Yes, they both crash because of this)

Malwarebytes chooses to block the top domain... however, that will never lead to a solution
because PEOPLE that are disabled or have nothing better to do in their lives have PAID REAL MONEY
to play the game and we are CASH INVESTED... so naturally we are going to bypass the
blocking features so we can have assess to the "EARN GOLD BUTTON" if for example I
go to FIREFOX > about:config and search fingerprint and enable
I won't have access to the EARN GOLD BUTTON "I loose the game" the game has been
effectively disabled.
So FINGERPRINTING is what the POLICE do to identify a computer as they add
compressed areas to audio and video files and detect the feedback from your computer
this is what I would call malware considering that it wears out your computer and makes it
impossible to do anything else as the resources on a GAMING COMPUTER are still drained to
a point where the browser crashes and the mouse won't move so you have to "control Alt delete"
to reboot.

My ISP can limit my bandwidth why can browsers limit what java, popdowns, and the resource leaks
that that are malware related. I mean, trick the HACKING into thinking that all their hacks are working
when effectively they are not.. so the user can use the site safely.


I want a browser that will feed ad companies and malware sites the following:

You all know garbage in; garbage out.

Instead of stopping the hackers and blocking the user... why not.

FEED the hackers so much useless redundant crap that it renders their data-bases
totally useless. If they want to FINGERPRINT... let them get RANDOM results and LOTS OF IT.


I guess some would argue that the child abuser would not get caught if we removed
these vulnerabilities. But of course they would as everyone has an IP address linked to
their internet and the IP address is easy to track for the police and a teenager.
The police know exactly how to track them down without these vulnerabilities.

This means, that everyone is suffering because their is money to be made
but hacking people. It has come to a point where you can not install an
operating system on any device without all your identification revealed.
Or the operating system won't work.
Or the web page won't work

So yeah they are tracking and doing exactly what a virus or malware does
only they disable your product / web page until you agree to let them HACK YOU.

So why can we FOOL all these HACKS and feed them back TONS of useless
data so that all their efforts will be fruitless and therefore saving the internet.

I am mentally disabled and it doesn't help that my privacy has
effectively mentally RAPED me on a daily basics.

Heck, I can not even try avast trial without them knowing my credit card.

This is NOT ACCEPTABLE... I don't care how common it is...

It is not acceptable....

THERE HAS TO BE A SAFE PLACE.......................................

surely, money isn't so important that the companies and
rules that protect us no longer exist??????????????

Thank you for listening to someone that has no rights and
no control of their behavior, but I am human and I can tell you
that all this PHYSICALLY HURTS US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!