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Chromium based browsers
« on: February 12, 2018, 09:43:55 AM »

although we are not providing official support for browsers based on chromium the extension for chrome should still work in browser of your choice based on chromium project. This includes Yandex browser, Vivaldi etc.

Follow these steps to get your extension to chromium based browsers.

  • Make sure you have Chrome installed on you machine - can be just temporary, but required for following process
  • Make sure you have Avast passwords activated
  • Go to Avast -> Settings -> Passwords
  • In browser integration section click on Install link next to chrome browser
  • New tab in chrome gets opened with Extension installation page for Chrome browser
  • Copy URL of this installation page and paste it to address bar of the browser of your choice - must be chromium based browser
  • Follow the installation in browser of your choice by hitting Install button on the webpage

Note that steps for Opera browser are bit different and are described