Author Topic: Avast Passwords now on my desktop, can't uninstall? (Windows)  (Read 2587 times)

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Avast password Manager has just shown up randomly on my desktop. I tried to uninstall it through windows and Revo uninstaller and bother couldn't pinpoint the program. I read that you have to go into Avast settings and click components, then uninstall "avast passwords" there. That still didn't fix the problem; the password manager is still there, and I can even still open it and use it (if I wanted to, which I don't). When I go back to components, it now says "Install Component".
I'm supposed to be getting to bed so I can go to work tomorrow, but instead, I'm messing around with this because apparently, Avast doesn't have an actual customer service line or chat, just these forums; which is pretty stupid considering they are such a big company. I was about to go to bed, then I noticed the program on my desktop, because it had just restarted, and  I always log in when it boots up so it can load all the programs before I put it into sleep.
So, yeah, if anyone knows how to get rid of this unwanted program, I'd be very grateful.
Also, I don't even know why it got randomly installed just /now/, I've had this Avast for years and it's updated a thousand times and it isn't a new program, so why did it just install now?
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Re: Avast Passwords now on my desktop, can't uninstall? (Windows)
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Yeah, as I recently found out, some people don't want icons on their desktops. The fix is ready, should go out on Monday via uUpdate. After it is applied, Avast Passwords will create the icon only once, so if you delete it afterwards, it won't reappear again.

As for Passwords component uninstallation not working, did you do a restart after you removed it? If you do a restart and delete the icon, it shouldn't appear again.
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