Author Topic: Automatic Updates Enabled But Avast Just Asked Me to Manually Update Program???  (Read 2037 times)

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The Avast interface opened on its own today when I was online and asked me to update the program "to make sure you have the latest blah blah blah ..." or something like that (unfortunately I don't remember the exact wording or what specifically was supposed to be updated but it was fairly generic. I do remember it asked if I wanted to update to Premier for $14.99 a year.) So without thinking, I hit "Update." It took less than a minute and then my computer rebooted.

My question is, I have automatic updates enabled and in three years of having Avast, have never been asked to manually update a program or version update (that I can remember at least) -- so is this some kind of phishing, malware, etc. scheme from a fake Avast update, or something legit?


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