Author Topic: How do I stop Avast from ever again reinstalling the Online Security extension?  (Read 1525 times)

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What is WRONG with these people?  Under circumstances which I have not yet tried to narrow down and more than a few times, Avast has decided to reinstall the Online Security extension in Chrome (this is on a Mac with OS X 10.12).  Each time, Chrome tells me that the extension has corrupted my settings and thoughtfully deletes all my other installed extensions and resets a number of my browser settings.  I can remove the Avast extension but the damage has been done.  On the main profile, I can sync my settings with a saved profile but I have four other profiles with distinctly different configurations which cannot be synced and which I now have to reconstruct individually by downloading each of the 15 or so extensions I had with each profile and reconfiguring the settings.  There appears to be no way to prevent this from happening again.  I have found no Avast setting to control this.  If it does happen one more time, I'm deleting Avast and installing Avira.

If anyone knows how to tell Avast to NEVER install another browser extension, please let me know.

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