Author Topic: Says updated virus definition this morning, but it's set to ask & laptop was off  (Read 1070 times)

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Did Microsoft buy Avast? I ask because anything Microsoft touches is ruined and this Avast site was behaving inconsistently with the integrity that Avast has always had. I had to enter the CAPTCHA letters 10 times. It was very difficult to read the letters because it was overdone with the masking. But it turns out the problem was that Avast did not change the year. I put in 2019 and that was what was wrong... Whoa this is a little unnerving for a company specializing in security... :)

A couple of days ago I updated the Avast program. When I tried to click on the x to close the Avast interface, it was not responding. It also seems to take a long time for the interface to open.

The main problem I am writing about is: I have my Avast settings set to tell me when a virus update is available. Throughout the day I get prompted to update the definitions all the time. Today I was prompted to update the virus definitions, but when I opened the interface, it said they were already up to date and showed the last one being updated this morning at about 7am. My computer was not on or hooked to the internet until about 9 am. So how can this be? In case you ask.... the computer was completely shut down as I do every single night. All lights were off and the Ethernet cable was not hooked up. It was still hooked to the wireless router which was totally off. The entire power bus was shut off.

What do you think?


PS - Avast has the wrong year in the CAPTCHA here too....


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The captcha is there for the first 3 posts to deter spammers.
Avast updates the virus definitions very often. Asking to be notified when an update on the VPS is available
isn't the best choice as you've already found out. Either allow them to happen automatically or, do them manually.
Automatic is your best choice for the virus definitions.

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Another thing to be considered, if the VPS updates setting isn't set to Automatic, you don't get the streaming updates either.
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Streaming Updates are the important ones, imo.
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