Author Topic: Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate - mouse or explorer.exe hands up system completely  (Read 1046 times)

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Hi -

This happens every few days since I have been using Avast Antivirus and Avast browser; sometimes several days between crashes; but one yesterday and one today at 13 44 today it happened again.

Attached are the event viewer notices; none of them happened at 13 44.

NOTE ATTACHED 2019 01 14  a number of these from 04 28 am to 13 28 pm; note crash was at 13 44 pm
   (this mentiones Avast update had a problem; dunno y as I have a paid version; should I just junk it and go to malware bytes?)
NOTE ATTACHED 2019 01 14  this was at 11 37 am
note attached temperatures were in spec.

When it happened, mouse and kb and cpu were frozen;  all monitors were on.

Normally monitors come on after reboot.
But today, on reboot two of the AMD W7000 monitors did not come on; I went to screen resolution and they would not connect.
But, every time it has happened in the past there were no problems at all with the monitors coming on.