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Avast is limiting upload
« on: June 30, 2019, 01:47:23 AM »

Win10 LTSC build 1809
Avast 19.6.2383 (version 19.6.4546.494)
I5-8600k, 16gb ram, only SSD-drives.

Gigabit ethernet with Intel I340-T2 nic, internet connection 500/500 mbit fiber.

When Avast Web Shield is activated it reduces my upload speed in some speed tests via browser to about 120mbit when i use Chrome 75.0.3770.100 and 85 mbit with IE 11.557.17763.0

Using other test programs gives me 500/500, using other computer w.o Avast gives me 500/500.

When i disable Web Shield i get 500+ in dl/ul. There is no difference in CPU-utilization during speed test with Chrome whether Web shield is active or not. The test utilize 35-40% of total CPU.
With IE the CPU-utilization is about the same when Web shield is active, but when it's inactive i have about 20% when i DL and 15% util when i UL.

So it's using some of my processors capability, but not even half of it and it slows my upload with 70-80% with Web shield activated.

That's just completely unacceptable with the hardware i got.

Edit: I've had this for some time and i have both removed and reinstalled Avast and used repair, tried with 2 diffrent NIC + an AC-68 WiFi card with the same result.
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