Author Topic: Avast Free is the safest choice when you have to choose an AV  (Read 909 times)

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Avast Free is the safest choice when you have to choose an AV
« on: September 14, 2019, 02:45:55 PM »
In the days when AVG just came out, It was next best thing to get verses the  likes of Norton and McAfee   :-[.

It is the last thing you want to do and Install Norton or McAfee.
Just before Avast acquired AVG, I tested Avast free,  and I am proclaiming 100% success ever since.
It is the first thing i will install and the last thing i will remove.
I will rather fight my arms and legs off with Avast about real issues than change provider.
Stick with Avast even if it hurts.

Don't mind the pop-ups. It is manageable.
Don't complain about the small stuff. Avast free has outlast and out perform so-called market leaders in the AV community.
Don't mind the email signature. It adds to higher email deliver-ability to your recipients.
Don't mind the limited features. Avast free has you covered on essentials.
Buy the product for god sake. a worth while investment.

8 years on and about 20-30 or so computers on random networks and environment, are still protected with free AV.
It has outlasted some scary International news.
You bring me a computer that is infected and Avast free and safe mode tools will fix your problems.

People come to me with Kaspersky and ESSET and NOD32 and you name it, to resolve strange and exotic problems.

I will not work on that computer if i did not remove their personalized AV's and rather installed Avast free, to clean up first.

For those that complain about the small stuff. please don't. you are lacking relevant information and patience.
Trust Avast Free AV.
I do.

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Re: Avast Free is the safest choice when you have to choose an AV
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2019, 06:05:35 PM »
So far I almost listened to my so called local computer tech expert,  and decided to keep Avast installed,   he was wanting me to use Windows Defender in Windows 10 and Malwarebytes,   but i finally decided against it, as i've been using Avast for a good number of years,  System performance very good with Avast,   Trusted by Millions of users,  Probably not weak in terms of self protection unlike Defender.

Now if i can ignore local techs, local friends, and other forums that say Avast is not good anymore,  i'd switch av's comments, and i'm good with all systems here i think for foreseeable future
Windows 10 Pro 64bit 1909 18363.476, Intel I7 7700 Nvidia Geforce 1050 16gb DDR4, WD 250GBSSD, 1tb Storage, Avast Free 19.8.2393
HP Omen Laptop Intel I7 7700HQ, 8gb Of Ram Windows 10 Home x64 1909 18363.476 128GB SSD, 1tb Storage, Avast Free 19.8.2393

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Re: Avast Free is the safest choice when you have to choose an AV
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2019, 01:49:47 PM »
Hello I recently switched to Avast Premium Security, in the past I have used several providers:McAfee Total Protection, Mcafee All Access, Bitdefender Total Security for 10 years & Malwarebytes Premium, the problem with these choices is they all slow your Windows considerably down, on my current system I had Bitdefender+Malwarebytes+Voodoo-Shield Pro, when I uninstalled first Bitdefender and replaced it with Avast Premium Security and then a few days later uninstalled Malwarebytes, it was just like I had a new computer in my hands, I was defiantly not aware how much Bitdefender & Malwarebytes had slowed my system,and Bitdefender that claims that their software does not slow your PC: say what?.
Now I only have Avast & Voodoo-Shield and I can start to use my Notebook from Acer right away & not wait sometimes 10 minutes!