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Trouble renewing subscription
« on: October 14, 2019, 06:07:22 PM »
I have Avast Premium Security. I was on automatic renewal, but I got an email sometime in September saying that my renewal had failed because my payment information needed to be updated. So, I went into my account and updated my payment information, but still received several emails subsequently telling me that my subscription was going to be terminated because I needed to update my payment details. I even contacted Support by email several times in the meantime but they were no help. I told them in one email that I was seriously thinking about going to another virus protection program, but they had no response to that.

Then, sometime in the wee hours of October 14, I got an email (one for Premium Security and one for Passwords) telling me that my subscription was terminated due to my failure to pay. So this morning I had to reapply for a "new" account, after being completely unprotected during the night hours. I'm not happy, but I did pay the fee via PayPal, which may keep me from falling through the cracks next time.

Bottom line is, Avast is extremely difficult to get hold of by email. I haven't tried calling, but in most cases, I hate calling any company and being put on hold interminably.

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Re: Trouble renewing subscription
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2019, 06:51:58 PM »
Quote from: JASAmigan
I even contacted Support by email several times in the meantime but they were no help.

Do you literally mean by email and not via the Support ticket system ?

Try the following:

Support tickets are handled on a First In First Out and order. Whatever you do don't submit multiple tickets as this throws you back in the line.

See attached images for what I think might be the relevant options.

When you finally get to the form, enter your details, if you don't have your order ID, try 00000000 and then explain the problem as you have here.
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