Author Topic: Cleanup not renewed for second year - lost access to Office programs!!!  (Read 1680 times)

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Hi. I decided not to renew my subscription for a second year so it ran out this week. Today I tried to open up Microsoft Word and Excel and neither would open. I'd get the circle as if it's trying to open it and then nothing after a few seconds.
Having read some forum posts here I uninstalled Cleanup then installed the Beta version to check if I'd put any programs to sleep (which I didn't think I had) and I'd only done that to an old Samsung program, no Microsoft ones. Despite this, once I'd got a working version of Cleanup on my laptop, suddenly my Microsoft Office programs are working again!!!
I'm now nervous to  uninstall Cleanup as I don't want to waste more hours sorting this out again.
Why are these programs being put beyond use when Cleanup isn't working? It's almost like they're being held hostage!!

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Re: Cleanup not renewed for second year - lost access to Office programs!!!
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2019, 05:58:11 AM »
I had a subscription to Avast Cleanup Premium and at first I was pleased with his work. But over time, the program has become:
- slow down the computer at startup;
-disk cleaning was not performed correctly and some files marked by the program were stubbornly not deleted, although they were marked;
- when the system started, all program icons from Avast - VPN, Avast Cleanup Premium and Avast Internet Security disappeared from the tray.

I could not understand the reason why I have to run them manually. But after a consistent uninstallation of VPN and Avast Cleanup Premium, it became clear that the reason for the incorrect operation  is Avast Cleanup Premium.
Perhaps she mistakenly drives her brothers to sleep, maybe something else, but the fact that Avast Cleanup Premium did not work correctly on my computer is a fact. I tried several times to report that the programs do not automatically start with the leaving a review, but the problem remained until Avast Cleanup Premium was removed from the computer.