Author Topic: Updater regularly running DOS command line, days after running program.  (Read 2231 times)

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Hi, hope someone can help.  I bought and ran Avast Updater 3 weeks ago and proudly ran it, it found loads to update!

Ever since then, my PC (Win10) runs slowly and maybe twice a day a DOS window appears, the first line of which says;

"FINDSTR: Cannot open  C:\ProgramData\acer\Updater2\updater2.xml
The system cannot find the path specified
Cannot access file c:\Program Files \DriverSetupUtility\FUB\+"

It goes on for another 4 times looking in turn for packard bell, gateway, founder, and then stops. See attachment. The PC is an Acer.

I would greatly prefer it if it didn't, and it may be slowing my PC down.  How do I get rid of it? I have restarted the machine several times.

Thanks for you help.

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