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All photos are trashed
« on: November 29, 2019, 04:18:15 AM »
 My friend's phone was running out of space so I installed Avast clean up but it didn't help much. It offered to optimize her photos and send the originals to her Google drive. At 26 minutes it seemed reasonable. She had a bit of time.

2 hours later and things were still processing slowly. Too slowly. Although plugged into power the app was consuming massive system resources and could not charge as fast as power was consumed. At 1% power I aborted the transfer.
The result was most of her photos are now on her phone twice. She's gone from 4500 to 9000 pics and I can't see a way to fix it. But this story gets worse. Soon after the phone shut down. She took it home and now ALL photos come up as an exclamation mark.
She's pissed at me and I feel terrible for messing up her phone.