Author Topic: Avast customer portal won't let me login  (Read 1863 times)

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Avast customer portal won't let me login
« on: April 10, 2020, 03:18:39 AM »
Hi everyone,

when trying to login to this - I enter my email address and password and it doesn't work. I click on forgot my password and enter my email address and I get the message sorry, this is an unknown email address. It's the only email address I'm using for Avast. Also, the email address I enter is the same one that I use to sign into avast on my PC, my account to check my subscriptions and to login to this forum. I've even tried my other email addresses that I have but they don't work either. Also, no I don't have any other accounts with avast.

How am I supposed to update my billing info because my card expires soon and I need to add a new one.  I cannot use the recover my ID link either because any order ID the system brings up don't work and/or the system doesn't detect them :(

The question is, why can't I login to the portal? Surely, it should be the same details as my account login.

I've emailed them too only for the same old answer, to use the password reset link which only resets my password to login to my account. This password and even a new one does not work for the customer portal.

Please help!! Surely a big flaw in their system somewhere.  ??? ???

P.S very stupid they make you update payment info by using an order ID and password (that isn't the same password used to login to your account lol). Should really allow you to do this under the my account section under subscriptions lol.
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