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Avast Business Antivirus 20.5
« on: July 13, 2020, 01:57:30 PM »

Avast Business Antivirus version 20.5 has just been released, July 13, 2020.

Release Summary
This release contains new improvements and bug fixes to our Avast Business Antivirus client.
Avast Business Antivirus 20.5 will be available for new installations straight away. All existing devices
with Avast Business Antivirus 20.4 or lower will start the automatic upgrade to 20.5 at a later time.
If you wish to upgrade your devices to 20.5 prior to the automatic upgrade, then you can create a
new Task (Update device – Program update task) from your console.
A system reboot will be required to complete the installation. There will be no forced reboot unless
you have set this in your device policy settings. Servers will never reboot regardless of your device
policy settings.


• Easier USB drive protection – We can now ask you to scan USB drives when you plug
them into your computer. (You can turn this on in your notification settings for Unmanaged
devices and in General Settings in Business Console). Disabled by default.
• Improved taskbar icon - There’s no need to keep your antivirus open during scans.
You can now see your scan progress from the Avast taskbar icson
• Better botnet protection - Web Shield is even better about stopping malware from
connecting to malicious servers (You can turn this on in your Web Shield settings).
Disabled by default.

Resolved issues

• UI glitches for enabling/disabling shield in Protection section
• RescueDisk failures when being created on USB
• Bugs in protecting passwords stored in Firefox and Chrome that were installed
after Avast AV
• Corner cases when Firewall was consuming too much CPU in correlation with
VPS requests

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20.3 -
20.2 -
20.1 -
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Re: Avast Business Antivirus 20.5
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2020, 02:47:45 PM »
Just curious has something changed with Avast update model?   These program updates seem to be occurring on a monthly basis now.  This was never the case in the past.  They used to occur maybe once a year.  This is becoming an administrative burden!
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