Author Topic: Potential wifi inspector false positive fixed on reinstallation?  (Read 327 times)

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Apologies if this has been identified before, but I wasn't able to see any posts about it.

Avast Premium Security identified my router as being hijacked (HNS-DNS-Hijack). When I actually ran a scan using Wi-Fi inspector it would say my router was secured, then when i dismissed the results it would return to saying it was not.

Nothing I did (resetting router, changing passwords, verifying that the DNS addresses were correct, changing the DNS addresses etc.) would resolve the message on the Wi-Fi inspector. I didn't experience any redirections or security issues to indicate that there was a problem.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled Avast today and now the Wi-Fi inspector no longer seems to think my router is not secure.

I just wanted to know whether this was a known bug and whether this would indicate that my router is (at least now) not insecure.


edit: I've also noticed that the details for my router have changed. Previously Avast identified the vendor incorrectly, and now identifies it correctly.
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Re: Potential wifi inspector false positive fixed on reinstallation?
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Hi, sorry for late reply.

It may have been a false positive. The DNS hijack detection uses actual DNS queries to some high-profile domains to check if they don't resolve to suspicious IP addresses. That means the result can be affected not only by your router, but also on your DNS setup in general.

You can send us a support package [1] and I will investigate further. It contains logs from Wi-Fi Inspector, so we may be able to identify which domain(s) caused the miss-detection.