Author Topic: bought and own avast premium security, but don't want to do every thing it wants  (Read 562 times)

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I'm scanning my computer using avast premium security, and it lists a bunch of stuff for removing system junk, and also a bunch of programs slowing my PC. I know there is a couple items in the system junk that I want to keep and I don't want it to delete.

There is also a program listed in the "programs slowing my PC" that I use all the time and I definitely don't want to delete this.

Is there a way to selectively choose only certain items found in the scan and only take care of those items, but not take care of everything it finds?

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I think yes, but don't quote me on that, i never needed it, besides, just skip that step for performance issues, it won't do any change really, trust me.

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Hi, that's basically an ad for Avast Cleanup... ;)

You can disable the ads in the paid versions: Avast GUI -> Settings -> Personal Privacy
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