Author Topic: 4 Trojan virus, help me please ? [cleaned, thanks a lot essexboy and all of you]  (Read 32710 times)

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Hi essexboy,

This should have been something to throw dotomyco at:
Dotomyco has come about as a Removal Tool for Backdoor.Agent.AC (f-prot, avp,...) for instance: Backdoor.Agent.B (symantec)  -specially designed for **xy=Rundll32 xy.dll,StreamingDeviceSetup, about:blank or AppInit_DLLs=xyc.dll)- , then it was rather quicly recompiled as a general tool to aid the removal of various Browser-Hijackers.
At the moment it is still in BETA, and should be used ONLY in combination with CWShredder & HijackThis!
- The tool was motivated by "free crap"
2005-02-16: Updated BHO-List
2005-02-22:cll. Bugfix

Build-History: (1.0.0 ... 1.0.4h), 1.0.4i, (1.0.4j), 1.0.4k, 1.0.4l

Features: (1.0.4l)

    * Scanns Memory, Processes, BHO, NT-Services, Run-Keys, AppInit_DLLs, Hosts-Files,
    * ...and removes all it finds naturally (after a restart)
    * Pattern-Scanner, various Blacklists
    * Able to launch other Programs (pre-defined (HiJackThis, CWShredder, StartDreck) others as required)

Status: is developed further

Download here:
(64.294 Bytes) md5: 872ed5a14d6e4f59d34415ca05da47fa

Use whenever appropriate,

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