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New beta version 21.1.3158
« on: January 14, 2021, 08:27:03 PM »
I'm glad to announce that new beta version is ready - 21.1.3158 (build 21.1.5889).

What is new
  • Multi-detection fix: If you stumbled upon more detections at once, we wouldn't show each one in separate alert window anymore. Alert dialogs will be grouped into one, so there is no pop-up overload. Items are grouped by shield. (This applies to auto-mode, in Ask mode, we still show it one by one)
  • New categories and description: Our detections are now grouped in various categories of threats and each alert dialog contains a short description of corresponding category (you can find this in Details section). This will also enable us to continuously turn on PUP (potentially unwanted programs) detections ON by default for our users.
  • AlertID: We have placed a small numeric identifier in the footer of the detection dialog, so we can easily search the particular detection in our database and identify it based on the screenshot alone. We are often presented with snapshots from our users but up until now these screens didn't contain sufficient information.

What was fixed
  • not correct information in cyber capture detection dialog
  • detections by identity protection on drivers with custom label
  • missing focus (on top visibility) for identity protection dialogs
  • internet connection satus in firewall details was not always properly displayed
  • shell extension (scan in explorer) does not scan all files the link (.lnk) files are pointing to
  • detection dialogs and toasters when higher DPI (dots per inch) is used (screen resolution settings)
  • incorrect license/subscription details/update shown when there is a change

Known issues
  • possible BSOD (blue screen of death) due to problems in identity protection driver (internally catched just once on one machine during a month, will fix it in next BETA)
  • not proper registering shell extension (explorer scan) scan in context menu for link (.lnk) files

Download links
Avg Free
Avg Internet Security

Enjoy this beta!
We are looking forward to your feedback.