Author Topic: New version of privacy friendlier Firefox Focus (Klar) browser soon to appear  (Read 817 times)

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Issue tracker:

Will it resemble Ungoogled Chrome, where you can first install a local version of Chromium Webstore.
Furthermore you need some hack skills to do this without a Google account.
Then download extensions in developer-mode.
Then drag these downloaded extensions into the browser in extensions to be able to install.

Local CDN (0) with Disconnect, ClearURLs and uBlock Origin and UMatrix extensions.
Do not install DDG, but use it as an on the fly" search engine.

The German privacy browser initiative, Cliqz, did not survive.
Discontinued and now gone into digital oblivion.

Compare Firefox Klar with Avast Secure Browser, which does not mean Avast Secure Browser is a privacy friendly one,
as it has been developed along completely different security-driven lines.

Cybersecurity is more of an attitude than anything else. Avast Evangelists.

Use NoScript, a limited user account and a virtual machine and be safe(r)!