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Frames wont work!
« on: May 17, 2007, 11:29:18 PM »
Well around two months ago I sent an e-mail to Avast tech support about this issue. I have yet to hear back which makes me sad  :'( Here is a copy of the e-mail detailing the problems.

Hello I work with a small home automation company. About 2 months ago we installed the SBS package with the Premier Client version. Shortly after installing we had a few localized problems. On Internet explore the Frames stopped working. So websites that used frames no longer worked. This happened on all the machines. I disabled the Script blocker and the problem cleared up on all but three machines. I checked that the local client did in fact stop script blocking. It had. I tried to reload IE but it dident work. I finally switched over to Mozilla FireFox which fixed the problems. However there are some lasting side effects from this lack of Frames. Do you have any Idea what could have caused this and how to fix it. One other thing is that computers on the network will suddenly stop talking to the distribution client and will not start untill the computer is rebooted. Is there any fix for this? The computer that stops talking is working fine through all of this. Other then that I LOVE this software and we have it set up on all our computers and servers. Already bought the entire package. Thanks for the help!

We run win XP Pro on the client computers and Windows SBS on the server.  Any Idea to the problems?