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Browser users advised against using IE
« on: July 19, 2007, 10:55:51 PM »
Hi malware users,

Firefox advises users to use Firefox because Microsoft has no intentions to patch a critical hole in IE.
Read here:
Thor Larholm says “I can still automatically launch a wide range of external applications from Internet Explorer and provide them with arbitrary command line arguments. AcroRd32.exe (Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader), aim.exe (AOL Instant Messenger), Outlook.exe, msimn.exe (Outlook Express), netmeeting.exe, HelpCtr.exe (Windows Help Center), mirc.exe, Skype.exe, wab.exe (Windows Address Book) and wmplayer.exe (Windows Media Player) - just to name a few.”

This patch for Firefox prevents Firefox from accepting bad data from Internet Explorer. It does not fix the critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer. Microsoft needs to patch Internet Explorer, but at last check, they were not planning to. Mark Griesi is quoted in Infoworld saying “We don’t feel that there’s an issue in IE, and therefore, there’s nothing to be fixed.”

Mozilla recommends using Firefox to browse the web to prevent attackers from taking advantage of this vulnerability in Internet Explorer.

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