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Protection Engine Quite <6>
« on: September 20, 2007, 03:25:31 PM »

I am using the latest version Avast home and am experiencing a problem which may or may not be linked to a recent Avast update so I am asking for your help please.

Win XP SP2 fully updated

For two days now when I boot up Win XP and BEFORE the Windows login screen I get a blue screen with Windows XP on it which says "Protection Engine Quit <6>"
This lasts for 2 or 3 seconds and then continues booting.


Have you any experience of the above?

Could it be related to an Avast update

What does the term "Protection Engine Quit <6>"   refer to and mean?

Is it possible to get rid of it?

Thank you for your help


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Re: Protection Engine Quite <6>
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2007, 03:36:57 PM »
The only thing I can find with google that might be loosely related is about the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine and that is in several MS Security products, namely Windows Live OneCare, Microsoft Windows Defender and Windows Defender in Windows Vista.

So if you have either of these installed I would think there is a problem with that application and not avast.
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