Author Topic: Avast One VPN - How do I watch BBC IPlayer TV shows & news outside the UK ?  (Read 2751 times)

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Avast One VPN - How do I watch BBC IPlayer TV shows & news ? I just bought Avast One security ,  It comes with it's own VPN .  I was told by several persons I could watch BBC tv shows, live news, etc with Avast One built in VPN outside of the UK = Great Britain .  I selected the 3 locations in the UK for vpn ip's, servers, whatever you call them. But still it says i can't watch outside of the UK.

Please, any and all replies !  help !

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Just using a VPN doesn't mean that you can watch BBC IPlayer.

Technically you are meant have to have a UK TV License for some content.

When you register, your details are likely to be checked against the UK TV Licensing database.  I think there are alternatives/agreements with other countries licensing with agreements to view each others content.  That should come out in the Registration.  So it isn't just a case of using a UK VPN server.

I live in the UK and have a UK TV License, but I have never been interested in the IPlayer
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I'm facing a similar situation, in particular with Avast One VPN to access all media streaming service from the UK: iPlayer, itv Hub, channel 4, etc.

I'm a UK citizen and fee paying customer of BBC License and I'm in the US right now for vacation, and I have used many freely available VPNs in the past to access UK streaming services when I'm abroad (just recently as last December).

I've decided to buy Avast One to keep my laptops safe (as well as their advertised VPN feature) just recently.

But, as the original poster has said I'm also unable to watch any of the UK services with Avast One VPN. HOWEVER, I am able to watch them if I use any of the competior's VPN, e.g. ExpressVPN works fine.

With Avast One VPN turned on, when I go to it tells me I'm in London and yet none of the UK steaming services worked! So, there is something definitely wrong with Avast's implementation of VPN!

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I'm in a similar situations.
Recently insalled Avast VPN to watch TV programs while in Spain for a couple of months. Thought I'd test it out before going and it won't even allow me to watch them from within the UK. This is not just iPlayer but also the itvHub and Channel 4