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Avast Business Hub 8.34
« on: November 25, 2021, 02:08:52 PM »
Hello everybody, today a new version 8.34 of the Business Hub has been released. This release brings a new alert for Cloud Backup, together with general quality optimizations, and resolving multiple issues.

Improvements & optimizations
  • New Cloud Backup alert informing you that there is limited space left for new backups (in-app only).
  • Updated emails for user invitations and closing company accounts.

Resolved issues
  • Fixed an issue with a timeout when loading devices for Patch installation.
  • Fixed an issue with Patch Management trying to patch disabled server components.
  • Fixed an issue with an inability to select and install patches for more than 25 devices at once.
  • Fixed an issue where the alert about offline devices was not functional.

Known issues
  • [CBC-12938] Stopping task for patch deployment doesn't work
  • [CBC-15370] Files stuck in virus chest under deleting status in console
  • [CBC-17182] Restart prompt comes back after selecting cancel
  • [CBC-18046] Global Policy does not get applied correctly
  • [CBC-20310] Alert Settings > Events to watch cannot be enabled for Hub
  • [CBC-20417] Some patches are failing to install as they are already installed and not detected
  • [CBC-21028] Antivirus and Virus Definition Out-of-Date Alerts Incorrect
  • [CBC-20741] Notifications for device in BusinessHub despite uninstalled

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