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Subscription end Nags
« on: December 04, 2021, 11:05:27 AM »
I have been happy with the SecureLine service, however I am reminded once again of why I initially cancelled my subscription a year ago.
Why the constant nags months before the subscription ends?
I don't EVER want nags, I don't appreciate nags, at this point it serves only as a countdown to when I will be free of your nags!
I know I will be offered a +50% discount once my subscription ends, but before that I have to be subjected to your incessant nagging!
Your strategy is that of a petulant child, and Avast should hold itself in higher esteem.
A single reminder email a month before my subscription ends should suffice, why do you have to resort to Adware? This tactic demeans the quality of your product, especially when it supposedly promotes internet security.
At this stage, I don't require a VPN for 10 devices, I don't have 10 devices, and I will not pay for 10 devices.
I will however be looking for a cost effective, nag free service that meets my requirements.
Your campaign has just lost you a customer...