Author Topic: SOLVED: Avast isn't installing properly. KURUPIRA WAS THE PROBLEM.  (Read 756 times)

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I've come across an issue with Avast Free: As my virus definitions weren't installing properly I looked up possible solutions and among the first options was doing a clean installation. I uninstalled Avast Antivirus and resetted my computer afterwards. When I tried to install the antivirus I noticed that upon installation completion no popups had appeared and the program hadn't began running. I tried to install again and the installer told me to connect to internet (I was connected already). Then I checked again at my installed programs and Avast was listed but with no Icon.
I've tried uninstalling and installing again, repairing this failed installation, etc and nothing seems to work. I'll attach the repair register to this post.
BTW I have Kurupira installed (an adult content blocker for internet), could this be interfering in some way?
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Re: Avast isn't installing properly.
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Well, for anyone facing the same trouble, I forcefully uninstalled kurupira, resetted my computer and I was finally able to get Avast working again with a clean install.
No matter what don't use kurupira on a computer unless you don't plan to use Internet.

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Re: SOLVED: Avast isn't installing properly. KURUPIRA WAS THE PROBLEM.
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Thanks for the feedback on Kurupira (had never heard of this before now), happy that you have now resolved the problem.

In a way as this is sort of a security based software, it could well conflict with other security based software on your system.
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