Author Topic: Bookmarks (folders & singles) in the bookmark bar changed beyond all recognition  (Read 1373 times)

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I've spent the past few days rearranging my Bookmarks Bar - I've moved hundreds of folders, sub-folders and individual bookmarks around - and I was some / most of the way to having it tidy, and then all of a sudden as I moved one sub-folder to a new root, the browser sort of flickered, once, and the Bookmarks Bar now bears no resemblance to any configuration I can ever recall; an untold number of recently added folders, subs, and individuals have disappeared entirely, a bunch of bookmarks have shifted from sub- to sub-, and there are a load folders on the Bar that I've never seen other than as sub-folders.

You can tell my exasperation from that rather lengthy sentence - but what on earth has gone on?

I ran a scan and nothing showed up -

What is this???