Author Topic: Unmanaged / Of-Line Essential Business Security 23.2.2742 installer needed  (Read 1513 times)

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I've got a server running windows server 2012 (not R2) standard which failed to update to 23.4 due to unspecified errors

Fearing corruption, the installation was uninstalled successfully, however when I went to perform a clean install As an Administrator / ran as Administrator of 23.4 I was met with a window indicating that
[\the installation could not continue with out Administrator privileges.

Thinking that perhaps something was left over I downloaded AvastCleaner and received the same window.

I tried a copy of AvastCleaner downloaded in 2022 and the window did not appear, so I'm hoping the 23.2.2742 installer will work as well, I'll just have to prevent the app from updating  :-\

Does Avast have a download archive where I can get the file needed??


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We have the same error on a Windows Server 2012 Foundation.  :'(

We did the same steps, uninstall, clean unistall, reinstall... nothing works. The diference is that we are using a managed installer.

A support ticket is open but they need a support package to investigate and we cannot created because our access to the server is restricted (we need to go to the customer office).

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I ended up working with a backup image restored to a VM without internet access. It allowed me to get "creative" without harming the customers server
To rule out maleware / server issues (etc) I installed 2012 standard (EvAL) on a VM and got the same results.

I was able to speak with someone at support today, and he did confirm there is a BUG in the new version. A replacement should be available round June 14th

He was able to provide the file I needed (23.2) which was installed successfully and program updating was disabled.
Support did confirm that is the only resolution at this time

I checked a couple of PC's running cloud managed versions and It does appear that you should be able to stop program updates

The issue would be getting the right installer, but I believe you're going to need 23.2 as well.

IMO support should put up a link to various  23.2 installers to make it easier on users trying to resolve this issue

I'd share the URL but I don't know if support want's it to be..

Offline flibbit

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The installation issue appears to have been resolved in Avast Business Security v 23.5.2775