Author Topic: Avast flagging my VB apps  (Read 627 times)

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Avast flagging my VB apps
« on: March 01, 2023, 09:06:26 PM »
Avast doesn't seem to like some of the VB.Net apps that I've developed at my place of work.  Often times they will get flagged with the IDP.Generic warning & then get quarantined.  The executables are stored on a network so that they are accessable by other employees who need to run them.  When Avast quarantines them they are removed from the network location & then when people try to run them they can't.  I have had our network admin create exceptions for the files, but Avast still flags them sometimes & removes them.  This is getting very aggravating.  There is nothing malicious in my code.  Anyone else ever have this issue?