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Re: NEW Avast Version 23.2
« Reply #30 on: March 24, 2023, 10:54:09 PM »
It isn't a lie. I also don't like those misleading statements but I simply pay no attention to them.
Check your personal privacy settings to lessen some of the sales popups.
Menu - Settings - Personal Privacy

Hold on. I said nothing about a sales popup, I'm afraid that was your assumption.

My original post is reporting the results of a smart scan. So, after running a scan on my PC and to report:
Your PC webcam is currently vulnerable to spying

is a lie and/or a threat.
It's a sales pitch to get you to purchase Webcam protection. A sales pitch.
My laptop has the same vulnerability since I also don't have Webcam protection.

I don't see any of this:
Reason I don't run Smart Scans, one what it is likely to throw up are things I'm not concerned about, junk, IP visible, etc. etc.
I too feel it is more a vehicle to promote other avast products to resolve what it has found.

Generally I don't do any avast on-demand scans including the so called smart scan (outside of topics in the forums), with an on-access antivirus, on-demand scans are much depreciated.  For the most part these files scanned are dormant etc. or the on-access (file system shield) scanner would have scanned them.
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