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Windows diagnostics and Antitrack
« on: April 25, 2023, 08:32:00 AM »
When trying to fix several other issues on my Windows 11, I run into a problem with the Windows Diagnostics settings. I couldn't enable or use them, because "some settings were managed by your organisation". I took me quite a while to fix the that particular problem, but finally I managed it. However, apart from whatever the original cause with the Diagnostics settings was, it seems that Avast Antitrack controls those settings too (System privacy settings, the first 2 options: "Keep your computer private" and "Protect your files"). This is not really a big problem, since I can turn those off whenever I need the Windows Diagnostics, but it is still somehow annoying and complicates things a little bit. So I want to ask, if anyone else has had similar issues, if thereĀ“s any easy way around it, or if it would even make sense to turn those 2 Antitrack settings completely off, at least until I have managed to find the core cause of other problems on this PC. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate all help.