Author Topic: Can "Overseer.exe" Be Deactivated?  (Read 444 times)

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Can "Overseer.exe" Be Deactivated?
« on: July 09, 2023, 08:01:17 PM »

I'm still in the dark ages with WIN 7. I have programs I rely on that an Avast Free Antivirus program update decimated, so I disabled program updates and am living solely with virus definition updates.

Firewall is now displaying how "Overseer.exe" wishes to access the internet. I have learned "Overseer.exe is an issue that appears after you uninstall the Avast software." Since there was no uninstall, "Overseer.exe" should have been keeping quiet. (AVAST reports the file is virus-free, by the way.)

I thought renaming the file would do the trick, to deactivate. When I tried, I got the "You Need Permission to Perform This Action” message, and running the file as administrator, or following the usual steps (clicking on Properties, Advanced, etc, as shown on did not work because the "Security" tab disallowed the "Add" function, so "Overseer.exe" has a mind of its own thus far, and refuses to be tampered with.

I recently asked this forum for help with a similar issue involving how "instup.exe" also keeps trying to access the internet as may be read at, which I am afraid of allowing for because the program may then update and ruin a good several functions I rely on. (Even though I have selected the "update manually" function in AVAST's "Settings.") There are no responses yet, and I'm assuming this issue is too unusual.

I hope there are moderators or users who can offer some wisdom for me. Simply: How do I deactivate "Overseer.exe"?  Thanks.

(By the way, there are bugs in this forum. I am using AVAST's browser, and the "Preview" function does not work, and neither does "Insert Hyperlink.")