Author Topic: Weird situation regarding VPN connection request of the Avast Mobile Security  (Read 2686 times)

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Hello all!

First of all, sorry for my english, is not my first lengaguge, but I post here because I think the post will have more views than in other lenguage forum.

So, here's the problem. Like a month ago, a family member (she's over 50yo) bought a new smparthone (moto g52). She likes to have an AV on her laptop, so I share my multi device subscription with her, and with the new phone, she asked me for the same. I saw no harm, and I installed the app, and put it on the premium version. I even deactivated some of the notification, so she would not be bother by some random stuff. But, like a week after she bougth the phone, she told me that "Avast wanted to do something regarding some connection", I asked for a screenshot, and the "something" was that Android was notifying that Avast wanted to configure a VPN connection, asking the user if was ok or wanted to cancel. She told me that the notification was appearing once per day, and she always put "cancel". I checked if she had installed the SecureLine App by mistake and no. I didn't know that my subcription came with the posibility of the VPN that was integrated on the Mible Security app to be used, but when I realized that, I checked if by mistake she had activated that option, but the same, no. I checked all the options inside the app, and nothing out of order. It has been like this for almost a month, and although she only tells me "I don't mind, is just once per day and I put cancel", I am wondering like what the hell is triggering that. She also told me that it appears at randome times. I am not sure if it only appears once per day, or if it what she notices. I tried to google if this was a bug reported, but after checking, I did not find anything related, so I came here to post, to see if anyone know what could be or have experienced something similar.

Just in case: I made sure that Google Play Store has the option of automatic update, so I am sure the app is on its latest version. Also, she turns off the phone every night

Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance!

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I am now getting this same message on a tablet that does not have a phone connection - just an internet connection. It happens about twice a day.  I have a screenshot, if someone needs to see it. I don't get it on any of my phones, or another similar tablet, or any of my laptops.  I did not sign up for an avast VPN.

Does anyone know what is going on?