Author Topic: [Solved] is it possible to bulk import a list of websites for blocked websites  (Read 1240 times)

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Hello, is it possible to import a large list of malicious domains/websites into the Webshield blocked websites feature that some avast one has not caught yet?
i've tried looking for a file that handles it but didn't find any, only found a weird WEBSITE.DB file that had no content in it.

Thanks for your help.
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The link given by Pondus, won't actually do what you are asking "is it possible to bulk import a list of websites for blocked websites".
Avast doesn't have that feature and it would have to be maintained as an out of date list isn't worth much.

The Avast Web Shield is the primary defence against malicious websites, etc. and that is constantly maintained by Avast.

What Pondus is suggesting is (I believe), if there is a website that you feel is malicious and isn't detected by Avast then you can report it to Avast for investigation and inclusion if required.

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