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Avast and Malwarebytes
« on: October 11, 2023, 09:54:43 PM »
I know a lot of people use Malwarebytes alongside Avast, and have been told to add an exception for each in the other software so that they don't pick each other up as a threat (So add Avast files/folders in Malwarebytes as an exclusion and vice versa). However, I have Malwarebytes Free, which is just the on-demand scanner and I close it when i'm not using it so it's not running in the background, nor does it start up when Windows starts up. I have done multiple scans with each and neither has picked up the other in their scans and I have not added any exclusions.

I went to the Malwarebytes forum an asked if this was just an issue with using Malwarebytes Premium or if there are also issues with the Free version interacting with other AVs, and was told that there wasn't. I haven't noticed anything go awry yet (though that doesn't mean something i'm not noticing isn't malfunctioning), but I just wanted to check here to see if there are any issues even with the free version of Malwarebytes running alongside Avast.
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