Author Topic: Avast support either pretty occupied or using some AI robots to answer mails?!?  (Read 1105 times)

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I want to official complain regarding the abillity of the support team for reading and treating support mails!

We often have the situation where the Avast support guys even don't read the problem description that we sent with a web ticket! Yesterday a colleague of our support team opened a case regarding a problem that the Avast client is unable to be installed with error 0x80000500. This is what came back:

Case 20665019:
In order to troubleshoot your issue further, we need to ask you to provide us with the support logs from one of the affected device.
Before collecting the logs, please make sure that Debug Logging is enabled in the Policy > Settings > Antivirus > Troubleshooting settings of the console.
Also, please make sure that the changes have been applied to the endpoint client (Menu > Settings > General > Troubleshooting).
Once you have ensured that debug logging is enabled, please follow these instructions to generate the logs. After creating the support package, please don't forget to share the package's file name with us.
Alternatively, you can reply to this email and give us permission to generate the support package directly from the console. In that case, please include the device name in your reply.

I had the same issue a few days ago with support case 20529818. It took me at least 3 attempts/mails until the support guy did check what I was asking for!

Either the support mails are checked and answered by some kind of (dumb) AI or the support guys are so occupied that they don't have the time for just reading the mails they got. Those two examples are not a rarely exception but rather the standard.

It is very time consuming and inefficient working that way!!!

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> Avast client is unable to be installed with error 0x80000500

Hello. If Avast client cannot be installed with error then we indeed need support package to be generated so we can investigate it manually.


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Next incedent is case 20879735

This is about a problem within the Hub, a dashboard display error for both alerts regarding devices have no connection for 14 and 21 days. In both cases there is no submenu shown but insstead a tiny little white window...
Yet support asks for support files from the client devices...!  >:(

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Hi Tom610, thank you for the feedback, and we apologize for the lack of understanding in the cases.

We do have several templates which make it easier for us to gather information in certain situations as you can imagine, however, our initial replies should be improved here, based on the initial issue descriptions. I have passed this feedback to the team.

As for the most recent issue/case you mentioned, the Device connection lost alerts only have one possible action: Dismiss. This is why there is no additional drop-down menu, as there are no other actions available. Perhaps it can be solved by including a "View devices" action, which is true for some other informative alerts, just to be more streamlined. I've also fed this back to the relevant team in case we wish to change it.

Thank you