Author Topic: Win32:Nimosw-E [Trj] Does any one have information on this virus?  (Read 2017 times)

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My avast! version 4.7 home edition has detected the Trojan virus Win32:Nimosw-E [trj] on my computer in file/folder:

C\Documents and Setttings\Owner\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\occw7uxq.default\cache\A7409BE4d01

* Does any one have any information on this virus? *

I have searched on the internet for more detail, but was surprised to find only little/brief mention of it.

This virus cropped up in the same location on my computer yesterday as well, where it was also detected by my avast! scanner.

I have followed the recommended avast! procedure and have moved/stored the above Trojan to the avast! virus chest folder.


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Re: Win32:Nimosw-E [Trj] Does any one have information on this virus?
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extract some of the files to ur desktop and upload them to to see if they are false positives.  A few days ago i had to send some false positives to avast that were detected as Win32: Nimosw as well.  There are even a few more that are still being scanned as infected and i know they are false positives but i have yet to have sent them in yet because i have to transfer the files from my vista computer to my xp computer in order to send them to in a password protected zip (and i'm a lil

They might not be false positives, but i've had a ton of files just recently being identified by avast as harmful and containing win32:nimosw and i know they are false positives (i uploaded them to virustotal), so maybe there is a problem with their detection of this virus.