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« on: March 20, 2004, 05:16:45 PM »
Hi there!

I experienced a trojan-gen-attack on multiple computers on my home-network. All pc's are running AVAST4-home but as I don't want to be a network-admin-dictator everyone is pretty free on what they want to do on their pc.

As I found the trojan, after a few errornous network games (mismatch between 2 gamers) I decided to scan all pc's. 4 of 5 where infected....

I am pretty sure that things are clean now, but there is still 1 thing that worry's me:

The routers' security log tells me that there is still some IP-spoofing going on every now and then. Is this a trojan trying to connect to the outside world, or someone trying to get in (like when the trojan was still there) ?

router log:

03/20/2004  15:39:30 **IP Spoofing**, 80->>x.x.x.x (my ext.ip ), 1766
03/20/2004  15:19:57 **IP Spoofing**, 80->>x.x.x.x (my ext.ip ),  1253

Thanks in advance