Author Topic: No Server protection over CIFS? when no virus protection on workstation  (Read 3244 times)

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I am testing avast antivirus software but have a concern.

Installed Avast onto two Windows 2003 Servers R2 (32bit & 64bit)
Shared out a folder on each server called test
(example: \\server01\test & \\server02\test)

On my workstation (no antivirus installed)
If I go to \\server01\test or \\server02\test

I can copy the file from the file server to my workstation.

When I test on the server itself, all tests have so far been fine.

So is there a setting I am missing?
I’ve gone thru the settings and while “IFSTEST /g Virus /eTb” over CIFS is detected in the avast log viewer, it causes some concern when I can just copy a file.

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