Author Topic: License for Windows Storage Server 2003 (Home Use)  (Read 6800 times)

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License for Windows Storage Server 2003 (Home Use)
« on: October 27, 2008, 02:27:24 PM »

My home network includes a Windows 2003 Storage Server on which I would like to install Avast. I've been studying the website and as far as I can tell the only option I have is to install 'Avast Server Edition'.
However, the price of $399.- / year is not justified because my entire network is exclusively for home use by a single person, i.e. myself. Avast Home Edition is actually all I need as I do meet both conditions (home use, non-commercial), but I would be willing to spend money to get something that runs on my server, just not that much.

So, is there any licensing option to get Avast running on this system at a justifiable price?


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Re: License for Windows Storage Server 2003 (Home Use)
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2008, 11:30:27 AM »
Using a gun to kill a fly ? (ok it's a translation of a french proverb, but you get the idea :p humm, I don't know if it is a french proverb actually...), I think WSS is a bit "extreme" for a home storage.

Why not considering using Windows Home Server ? Alwil have release an Avast! Professional Family Pack.