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Re: Email Scanner Service on Zone Alarm
« Reply #45 on: November 30, 2008, 02:30:21 AM »
Please tell me where I said I had taken on some spambots?

Well, perhaps it was these words of yours ...

"in case of a potential spambot that may want to use Outlook Express."

"that way there are 2 programs checking for a spambot."

"what if a spambot tried to use my only email account"

"so surely, as in my case this is acceptable for any spambot attempt"

"please tell me how a spambot can work undetected on any of my email clients"

Is this not what the forum is about ie questions.

I wonder if you would be worrying about whether someone says thanks to your posts if you experience a RECENT death loss in your family, get real man.

Your last post that refers to my bereavement shows just how sad you really are, and I pray for you.

Can I just end by saying that I will not be viewing this thread from now on, so if you want to waste your time by replying a load of dribble like your last couple of replies then please do so, I certainly will not be wasting my time viewing them.


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