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Network Shield problem under Windows Vista 32
« on: February 18, 2009, 11:40:15 AM »
Recently upgraded my OS to Vista 32 but since then, the software (FSInn) that  I use to connect
to Microsoft Flight Simulator 9  fails to join multiplayer session. After a great deal of time investigating
this problem and some advice I received from Forum members under a separate post in the General Topics
section, it transpired that the only way to get this to work is to uninstall Network Shield.

I've used Avast under WinXP SP3 for a long time and never experienced any problem with the above software,
but it seems that Avast under Vista is behaving in a different manner.

It seems to me a totally unacceptable compromise, to have to uninstall a critical aspect of security under Avast in order to join a simple multiplayer session and would appreciate if anyone from Avast reading this Forum, would look into this matter. I have since found out that other VATSIM members have also experienced this very problem and
most have got around it by installing other anti-virus software from Avast competitor's.

I would appreciate some feedback as to whether there is a way around this problem that will not compromise security. Having to uninstall/reinstall Network shield with the subsequent reboot everytime I wish to have a session on the simulator is just not a viable solution.

Thank you.

Joaquin Blanco