Author Topic: panda false positives and your opinion please  (Read 3352 times)

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panda false positives and your opinion please
« on: May 23, 2004, 01:36:41 PM »
I noticed a couple of other people have had the same problem of running a "panda online scan" and then avast! picking up Kuang2 and Matyas.

I found the below article useful and am relieved to know it is nothing to worry about. But I don't think I'll be using panda again, as we all know the angst that comes from that avast siren!

Is it safe to delete the imscan.dll file and pavsig. files from the chest? I assume they are merely panda generated files?

Also, since the panda scandal, my report files say that GZIP archive is this something to be concerned about? There were a few entries, but here is two such examples :

"C:\Documents and Settings\my_name\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\4DI7GHMF\CA0HUDBC\CA0HUDBC [E] GZIP archive is corrupted. (42129)
C:\Documents and Settings\my_name\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\BVPNVPCW\CA658V0J\CA658V0J [E] GZIP archive is corrupted. (42129)"  ???

Thanks for your patience.

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Re:panda false positives and your opinion please
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2004, 09:48:48 AM »
Since those files are inside the Internet Explorer cache, I think it's really nothing to worry about (even though I find it a little strange that GZIP files would be in IE cache - it's not such a common format on web. Maybe avast! just misrecognized the file format...)

If you want to know more, you can send one of the files to pk - he may like to check. Otherwise, you can simply clear the IE cache to get rid of those files.