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windows home server 2003
« on: August 04, 2009, 09:50:53 AM »
I'm waiting for years for a license type for server 2003 home users.
I do not own a company, nor do i use my home computer for a company.
my license type should be the Pro version, or even the whs license  (although i don't run a "server")
i'm using windows 2003 as my normal operating system, just like many others so i would be very happy if alwil software could setup a license type that would support server 2003 for home use.

a pro version that installs on windows 2003 would be superb (i dont need any of the extra server features, i use server 2003 as a workstation, it's the best windows OS ever. regardless of what you think about it. anyone who would seriously take the time to setup server 2003 as a workstation will find it far superior over xp & vista & server2008 for ALL applications inclusive gaming.)

and yes, i know it is possible to convert server 2003 into a fake XP and make avast believe it's really XP but i do not want to go there since my server 2003 setup is perfect like it is, i want to do is PAY for a pro license

btw, i find the avast license policy rediculous... (sorry)
a server needs the avast server features so a company would still need to install the server version
so whats the point in having the Pro version to check whether or not the OS is a server?? while that pro version lacks all the server features anyway...

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Re: windows home server 2003
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2009, 07:50:50 PM »
at least tell me what use it has to prevent the installation of a Pro license on a server while the pro license doesn't have any of the server features?
the user indeed pays for the features, so a company who needs the server features will need the server version (regardless of the OS version) so they still have to buy the server version.
all you do is leave no option for the home "server" OS workstations, and you gain nothing by it.

its like limiting the speed of a car to 150mph while the car can't even go faster than 100mph due to its engine limitations.
its a sad story for all those who are still hoping for a solution.

any comment on this?


but there is a windows home server license with all the expensive extra features for cheap  ???
then why hate windows 2003 in a home environment? a company can't use XP as a server? and still use the expensive features for cheap? the world upside down.
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