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Business users have been notified (in advance) about the end of life. So yes, the virus definition updates for program versions 5 - 8 hav stopped.
The EoL has been postponed by three months (compared to what I mentioned) because of some delays on our side.
I see. Well, I never got notified. I'll try to migrate to 9.0.1506.
I just hope is not a problem or I will have to find a replacement.
In any case, thanks for your reply.
Hard to say, given no detection by Avast or AVG in the VT Results.  But they only use the on-demand scanner, so other on-access scanners might.

I wonder if there is some way to send the MD5/SHA-, etc. to avast and see if they can pull it from VT or see if they have a match on the MD5/SHA-, etc.

In due course all non-detected samples should be sent to those AVs not detecting malware.
It would make it easier if there was some white space (para graphs, line spaces, etc.) in your post.

I just see a blob of text that I find very difficult to read, so I end up not reading it.
Espanol / Re: Activacion Avast Gratuito Offline
« Last post by guillermo220 on Today at 09:03:35 PM »
Entiendo que el avast free no necesita código de activación.
Sadly it's a very bad problem.

After my post on this topic I can add:

I also tried to repair the app in the last days but nothing changed, when I restart my PC, the firewall always turn off on red on Avast.
When the Firewall on Avast seems to be on ("green") the Windows security on PC settings doesn't find any firewall protection.

Seems that Is the firewall which doens't allow my PC to connect on my internet network.

Why there are always problem with the updates? Some months ago there were trouble with the bank mode after an update; and now this...

When will be fix?
I am having the same issues on our Windows 7 Home pc.  Firewall asking to allow basic internet service functions; system, spool svc, Avast svc, Avast gui, pia-vpn, svchost, etc.  I did a repair function through Programs & Features; did not work.  I did a manual update through the system tray; did not work.  Resorting to the use of AvastClear uninstall utility.  This seems to happen to one of our pc's or laptops once a year.  Two hours later; frustrating.  Hopefully uninstall, CCleaner, and reinstall will work.   :'( :-[


1) Avast updated the program itself yesterday without asking me. I have always required it to "Ask when an update is available" but this was ignored.

2) No internet activity is passing through AT ALL. I thought it was Parallels, but no. Fully rebooted Mac, then rebooted Windows. No change.

2) As prior user says, when I first open Avast a big warning appears on the first screen you see, that Firewall is turned off

(Yes it says that in red.)

There is a big button to TURN ON [...] and if you click TURN ON it says with a red X in a circle "Firewall not available!"

If you click the box with [...] in it you are given the option to Ignore, which I did not try.

3) On the Notifications Alerts, it says Firewall is turned off, with the same green button to Turn on. Again it says "Firewall not available."

4) If you go into Menu > Settings > Protection > Firewall, the firewall toggle is green/on. I click the Packet Rules, and my application-specific rules are gone.

List of network profiles says: No items in this list.

But it turns out you can work around this:

Here in Firewall Settings, if I turn off my firewall which is supposedly "off and does not exist" - then Internet access actually works.

So the Firewall that is non-existent and is off, which is actually on but without my rules and is blocking everything, can be turned off to bypass its total blocking of everything.

When will this be fixed? Will my rules ever be recoverable?
And that folks is a perfect example of the blinkered consumerist throw away attitude and why the world is filled with deliberately made redundant electronic waste, polluting every continent on the Earth. 

New is not always better, particularly not for the consumer and the environment.

What "consumerism" and "throw away" attitude?! This is software, not piles of old computer hardware. Also, in case of antivirus/antimalware software, yes, NEW is by definition better. Antivirus software is not updated constantly because they are so bored, it's because it has to keep up with malware trends. And you can't be on top of latest malware threats with what, 5 years old antivirus even if it's getting the latest signatures. It just doesn't have half of the technology used in new versions. Like CyberCapture as well as other heuristics and I know there was a huge JS engine upgrade with merger of avast! and AVG. Not to mention Behavior Shield which is a behavior analyzer and blocker. Behavior Shield before AVG merger was in all honesty useless and did nothing at all. This new one actually detects a lot of stuff.
Avast Mobile Apps / Re: Forget avast anti theft pin
« Last post by Tereza V. on Today at 08:04:39 PM »
Hi, it seems you were using a standalone version of Avast Anti-Theft, which has been delisted and therefore not supported for about 3 years now.
Do you still have the old SIM card? Please try to insert it in the device and uninstall the Anti-Theft application.
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