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I  noticed that in games I cannot take screenshots when avast is active. Most of the time it takes screenshot of a wrong picture (looks like a blank loading screen of the game) or from desktop after I alt+tab a few seconds later. Disabling avast protection temporarily solves the problem.

I use windows+print or lightshot for screenshots.

Currently I am trying to take screenshots in Fortnite from Epic Games.

Taking Screenshots via Steam's own feature works, but it is unusually slow (laggy).

By suspicion is that avast is scanning each file before it is saved correctly.
I'd installed AVG after I'd uninstalled Avast, but I'm not an AVG fan after trying it once. I used the AVG Removal Tool, and then reinstalled Avast. After having reinstalled Avast last night, I've checked and haven't discovered that I've had any errors listed from it yet.
Yeah I thought of doing that but am unable because Avast will not open. It is in my taskbar next to the clock but right clicking does nothing, went to the main program in program files and tried to run as Admin, nothing.

Haven't went into Services yet to check what's going on there......
I just updated CCleaner 5.34 to CCleaner 5.35 by downloading CCSetup535_Slim.exe and overinstalling.  Avast was unchecked before and remained unchecked after update.
Windows 10 64 bits.
It is the generic "cannot connect to server" error (see attachment).

If you need additional help with the Clean Install, watch this:
See if this helps
How to Successfully Install Avast:

The Google Public DNS IP addresses (IPv4) are as follows:

The Google Public DNS IPv6 addresses are as follows:
Avast Mobile Apps / Re: Android 8 definitions update
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I uninstalled and reinstalled. It solves the problem. It happened even when I was using data only. So I doubt it was DNS.
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