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Avast installed liked a malware and I had to use the cleaner in Windows in save mode. The virus scanner was deleted then but it leaves a file C:\Program Files\Common Files\Avast Software\Overseer\overseer.exe

I checked the avast cleaner but there is no option to delete this as well. How can I delete the rest of avast free as it seems the cleaner is not working fine.

You can report a suspected FP (File/Website) here:

Any way to add twitch to exclusions to avoid this? I already tried adding the url in Avast but it still keeps blocking some channels on twitch, very annoying.
Just had another one that I follow that gets blocked by Avast :(

Might be time for me to look for another AV, just a shame as I like Avast, but when I can't watch the channels I follow i'll have to find something else.

Once you receive a response to the case/ticket you raised, you can reply and ask for more details. If possible, the team will provide you with additional information. In general, if it is a false positive, the issue is on the side of Avast, and no additional information can be provided.

Im having the same problem right now with a twitch channel that I follow, all other channels work except one specific, so annoying. I added the channel url to the exception list but didnt work /help.

Funny thing when I opened the channel in a browser called epic privacy browser and connected with USA proxy it worked just fine, maybe Avast isnt protecting for that browser.

Any ideas what to do?
I use Acronis to back up some of my files on a daily basis onto my HD. (I also do backups on a weekly and monthly basis onto an external HD.)

When I run an Avast scan it asks me if I want to allow is to make changes to the daily backup Acronis files.  This happens only on one of my 6 computers that use the same software.

Why is it doing that?
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Deutsch / Re: Interessante Sachen
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Google: 2021 schon ├╝ber 50.000 Warnungen vor staatlichen Hackern
Deutsch / Re: Interessante Sachen
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Security-Experten warnen vor "Massen├╝berwachungstechnologie"
Avast Driver Updater / Re: Outdated drivers
« Last post by kim_c on Yesterday at 08:20:36 PM »
Is there any update on this? I still can't update those 3 drivers. I checked today and had 5 (inc those 3) so I tried updating and it sucessfully updated the 2 new ones, but still left the 3 problem ones  :(
File ID: IZQ8V
File Name:

OK, I'll forward it, let's see...
Thank you!

I also just got one theory, that maybe (just maybe) it could be the interface itself not showing the settings in those areas (even after rebooting the computer).
Even though the settings themselves could be internally restored.

I don't know if that's even possible, so that's just a theory.

Have you looked in the dreaded "geek-area" and see if your settings appear there?
Not sure I understand your question.

But yes, I checked all ways I could. Only some settigns were restored to the ones I had before creating a backup file.
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