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Just to clarify, I do not have any problem with navigating the site, the threat message only comes up when i hit the download button on any of the pages.

some eg of pages:

I keep getting : weve safely aborted connection on because it is infected with url:blacklist
The same issue with 2 PCs (both win7 x64). After last Avast Secure browser update cannot launch browser- it hangs up with up to 100% CPU usage. Reinstall does not help. The only way is run browser in compatibility mode (winXP SP2 or 3) or switch to another browser.
It did for me, would probably work for you as well. Just be sure to backup any exclusions or special settings first
so you can restore them later on.
I have the same problem. The clean install help to resolve the issue?
Francais / Re: 9 avril 2019 - Nouvelle version 19.4.2374
« Last post by ChristopheP on Today at 07:58:25 PM »
Il semble aussi que cette version gratuite oblige à avoir une signature Avast dans les e-mail. L'option pour la désactiver n'apparait plus.
General Topics / Re: Tests and other Media topics
« Last post by polonus on Today at 07:42:53 PM »
A fine tool to check on DNS, example:

Combine it with all of the toolbox here:

And here:

Enjoy, my good friends, enjoy,

Deutsch / Re: Was da alles noch auf uns zukommt..RIS Dokument
« Last post by =Snake= on Today at 07:40:21 PM »
Ich komm jetzt nur noch mit Anwalt ins Forum. ;)

Und woran sollen wir erkennen, daß Du Deinen Anwalt dabei hast?  ???
Dann könntest Du doch z. B. Dein Avatar entsprechend ändern.  ;)
Deutsch / Re: Was da alles noch auf uns zukommt..RIS Dokument
« Last post by =Snake= on Today at 06:55:45 PM »

Der Nationalrat hat beschlossen:

kann mir jemand antworten, seit wann wir denn sowas in Deutschland haben?
 :o  8)
Type what he used in  search in bottom left of your screen and you should find it
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