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It could also be an PSU problem, it started yesterday when I tried to install Avast.
As I said, Avast failed to install due some kind of errors that my computer had. Now that the installation failed I'm monitoring my computer's performance and after a while the program "Avast Installer" starts and makes my disk to run at the 100%. First, I wish to know how do I do a cleanup of Avast in my situation and second if is there any possibility to directly kill the Avast task, please help me I'm desperate.

It seems that Avast did not fully install.
Try to re-install it.
1.Download and run the uninstall utility from the link below:
2. Reinstall Avast Antivirus:
Download and run the relevant installation file from the link below:


What is your current screen resolution?
Do you have the Optimal Screen Resolution applied?
What is your current scaling (%) set to?
Are you using more than one monitor or only the one laptop?

To close the program (since it is not fitting),
you can try to move it.
Hold down the “Shift” key whilst right-clicking the program in the taskbar, then select “Move“.

General Topics / Re: Losing long term customers.
« Last post by Michael2022 on Today at 06:08:25 PM »
My subscription has increased each year, year after year. Originally I signed up for 3 devices and was paying what I considered a fair price at the time. Now it increased to $100 and supposedly for 10 devices, which I didn't ask for the increase and I am not going to a Facebook or Twitter page to talk to a customer service rep. Those rep's should be available on the Avast website. I'm shopping for another provider.
I don't know if there are any Mac security based forums that would be another option.

Mac Malware Removal Help & Support

also Geeks to Go

Thank You
google search  what is PT.updd

It's Popcorn Time. My little snitch network monitor shows under PT.updd:

And then it is back when you reinstall popcorn time. Why not try removing popcorn time and see what happens

Yeah I googled PT.updd also many times and found that link which made me think it was Popcorn Time from the start.

You are a Mac user then, well if you know AppDelete when you drag Popcorn Time in it it doesn't show PT.updd as an associated file which had me concerned about deleting a file necessary for something else.

If I Reformat I'm not wanting to reinstall Popcorn Time.

Thanks for the help and input
If it isn't on and you have deleted it and you are still getting the alerts, then it has to be something else.
As for reformat and reinstall, that at this point in time would be a sledgehammer to crack a nut and perhaps a little early.  If you have reported these two domains as a possible false positive, I would give that a little time before taking drastic measures.

I don't know if there are any Mac security based forums that would be another option.  I don't know if this might fit the bill, but it is certainly showing that the Mac isn't invulnerable to malware.

I didn't delete Popcorn Time yet, I wanted to make sure I didn't delete a file that was used by something else. I'm gonna delete it.
You're right, I'm gonna wait to reformat.

Thanks again for the links and help DavidR
Espanol / Cual bloqueador de anuncios usar
« Last post by dario75 on Today at 05:18:43 PM »
Buenas, acabo de comprar un ordenador y deseo instalar un bloqueador de anuncios para cuando estoy navegando ¿ustedes que me recomiendan?
Analizando varios artículos veo que existen muchas publicidades. Básicamente lo necesito para cuando estoy fuera de casa y deseo ver partidos online.
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