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Viruses and worms / Re: js:proxy-b (trj)
« Last post by xnxn3 on Today at 12:27:53 AM »
It is OK. Tell me what is situation now with those notifications.
didn't change.
« Last post by jefferson sant on Today at 12:18:18 AM »
Boa noite Alisson20.

Qual é a edição e versão do produto Avast e Sistema Operacional que está instalado?

Abra o Avast ->Em Configurações->Geral->Atualizar.
Você verá as definições de vírus.
Por favor, pode verificar o status da mensagem.O que é exibido?

Alguém pode me ajudar???

Para ser sincero, não tenho certeza se isso é manejável.O Avast Senhas é um aplicativo muito complexo e, nesse caso, precisa de uma verificação completa por parte de um membro da equipe. Então, vou precisar de algum tempo para verificar o que pode ser feito é preciso que você informe o e-mail que foi usado na sincronização via PM (mensagem pessoal) ?
I got an email saying my omi hub was delivered but I have not received it.
And when I click delivery issues in avast it does nothing
« Last post by jefferson sant on Yesterday at 11:51:18 PM »
Boa noite FhelipeJF.

A  seção do forum mesmo que seja referente ao problema é inglês.Já que os funcionários da Avast e voluntários (usuários da comunidade) fala e escreve em inglês.Este fórum é internacional.O nosso fórum português é aqui
I just made the mistake of installing Avast Premium Security yesterday on home built desktop PC with Windows 10 Pro and that was a big mistake.  How can I go back to the previous version?

These are the issues I have so far:

1. On the reboot after install it hung forever. It took several attempts of rebooting to get the machine going again. 
2. Now, unless I keep pressing the F8 key numerous times during bootup, my MS USB keyboard will not function after bootup, is not shown in Control Panel devises, and cannot be found when search for, but the "on light is green" so it gets power, just not there. Even if I try all the USB plugs.  But if I keep pressing the F8 key during startup then the keyboard works.  Go figure that one!
3. I no longer can access my 3 remote analog security cams on DVR. They require the old browser IE and ActiveX to view on a PC.  Yes, I went into Avast and checked IE Browser and all Cam related apps I could see listed as approved apps.  ActiveX was not on the list to check though.  Yes, I went into the browser security and rechecked the ActiveX items that mysteriously became unchecked.   Yes, I stuck in the URL's of my cameras into Avast to allow those URL's, as well as in the browsers security settings as safe URL's too!  Yes, I cleared the browser cache.  No, the activeX software still will not open when I put in the URL's of my camera's into IE.  I'm NOT HAPPY THAT I CANNOT MONITOR PROPERTY FROM MY PC NOW SINCE THE NEW AVAST ULTIMATE INSTALL!
4. I ran "sfc /scannow" and that did not fix anything. I haven't run all my software yet to find if other issues, but these issues are plenty annoying enough so far, and I would like to go back to previous version of Avast, as not so buggy. How do I do that???
5. I also hate this forum security Verification letters, they are way to blurred out to read, and the "Listen to the letters" does not indicate if caps or not!  So, it takes multiple attempts to post anything!!!
Security verification is there for the first 3 posts to prevent spammers.
Make sure your firewall setting is set to private.
You can also try the following: Repair & Clean Install of Avast ->
Português / Re: Avast bloqueando meu site(URL PHISHING)
« Last post by jefferson sant on Yesterday at 11:27:09 PM »
Entendi. Tudo bem, muito obrigada!
Aguardo seu retorno.

A detecção foi desativada em as 16h e 17 minutos e hxxp:// as 16H e 21 minutos.

Quote from: Avast
Nossos especialistas em vírus já limparam sua reputação em nosso banco de dados.

Com os URLs, essa alteração deve ser instantânea, mas pode levar até 24 horas com arquivos.
Avast Business / Re: Dealing with Duplicate Clients
« Last post by mickey.b on Yesterday at 11:26:59 PM »

Is there an accepted method for dealing with duplicate client machines within the Cloud Console?

I upgraded some workstations to Windows 10 (from Windows 7) and resultantly (after re-installing Avast), the console contained an entry for the original Windows 7 Computer plus the upgraded Windows 10 client.

I deleted the original Windows 7 machine from the console, but unfortunately, this also uninstalled Avast from the Windows 10 machine.

What is the correct mechanism for removing orphaned computers? Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards, Stephen

Sometimes the Cloud Console will eventually correct itself, but if not, then what you did should fix it.
Viruses and worms / Re: Site Blocked - URL:Phishing
« Last post by jefferson sant on Yesterday at 11:23:07 PM »
Hi there,

Could you please unblock/remove from the 'phishing' list? This is the portal for our customers to login to their account and avast is blocking it for at least a portion of the users..

Thanks in advance.

Detection has been removed in 23.08.2019 10:54 AM

Quote from: Avast
Our virus specialists have been working on this problem and it has now been resolved. The provided website isn't detected by Avast anymore.
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