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Others that make use of Bitdefender's engine:
Auslogics Antivirus
IObit Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2013
F-Secure moved to Avira engine in 2019

I did some further tests and found that Malwarebytes is also the cause of my being unable to eject password protected Western Digital external drives.

So far, I have determined that only Exploit Protection can be on. If I turn off Web Protection, Malware Protection and Ransomeware Protection, I can ejected the external drives. Looks like some part of MB is know accessing the drive. As there are 8 more possible settings to test, and it is not of great interest to me, I may or may not get to the critical settings. But, if you have the same problem, turn off all four components, wait a few seconds, and then eject.

Curiously, non-password protected devices eject without trouble! May be some subtle interplay between WD Security and MB.

As far as VPN in concerned, turning off Web Protection does the trick.

So, thanks, Pavel. Good job!
Italiano / Re: Ancora!!
« Last post by jefferson sant on Today at 01:22:51 AM »
Grazie mille, spero di non dovervi più disturbare

Non preoccuparti  : )
poiché io e altri siamo utenti che aiutano fornendo supporto nel fórum.
Your Avast Product is saying hxxps:// URL:Phishing This is the site that PayPal uses to service their PayPal MasterCard it's not a phishing site.

Detection was cleared 21.01.2020 at 10:02 AM

Quote from: Avast
Our virus specialists have now cleared its reputation in our database.

With URLs this change should be instant, but it might take up to 24 hours with files.
Better not to use Flash Player unless you have too now. Always been a security weak link. I've one PC and a VM which have been without it for almost a year and never had a problem on any web site.

The updater, when downloaded manually direct from Adobe is a weird thing in that once it has initiated and installed the update its actually deleted automatically from wherever it is. Sounds like this is what has happened here and why it can't be restored from the AVAST virus chest.

What AVAST is doing is pretty pointless if that is correct because its done it after Flash Player has actually been updated. FP is the latest version.

You could go to:-

Click on the Player Download Center link and get a copy of the current Flash Player installer manually (make sure you opt out of the other offers). Try sending that to VirusTotal.
Avast SecureLine VPN / Avast Secureline VPN - Black Screen
« Last post by doubledisposable on Today at 12:00:06 AM »
As of updating to windows 10 I've been unable to use Secureline.

On launch, it's just a black box. It still functions normally (I can move blindly through menus, as well as move/close the window normally from the top bar) but it has absolutely no display.

I've already tried multiple clean re-installs, and all my display drivers are up to date.
Francais / Re: Impossible de renouveler Avast Gratuit
« Last post by Jacques Fondaire on Yesterday at 11:31:47 PM »

Je voudrais mettre en évidence tout le travail que fait Avast pour informer ses clients via son site internet.

Dans la partie Support, Avast se donne la peine de traduire en français les notions importantes de l'utilisation de ses produits sur les différentes plateformes.

Voici ce qu'on peut lire concernant l'activation d'Avast Antivirus Gratuit :

Avast propose de prolonger l'abonnement gratuit en cliquant sur Mise à niveau. Ne vous trompez pas si vous voulez conserver la gratuité. J'en profite pour faire un rappel : ne communiquez jamais votre numéro de carte bancaire si vous ne voulez pas payer...

Sincères salutations,
General Topics / Re: Tests and other Media topics
« Last post by polonus on Yesterday at 11:06:57 PM »
Compare malicious IP scans.

IP server info:
together with Netcraft's site report:
Confirmation of scanning and Mirai-like infestations:

Русский / Re: anti-theft
« Last post by kuzne4egg on Yesterday at 11:01:59 PM »
Спасибо,за ответ. Дело в том,что это третье устройство,которое было защищено Anti-Theft. В двух предыдущих она работала,и даже до сих пор  они "висят" в аккаунте Аваст на ПК,хотя их уже давно нет. Разница лишь в том,что спустя несколько месяцев я удалил антивирусник Аваст из смарта,а  Anti-Theft остался и я регулярно проверял не остановлен ли он в "Приложениях". А сейчас в аккаунте Аваст нажимаю "Защитить другое устройство" и меня отсылает в гугл плэй для скачивания  Anti-Theft,но там написано,что она уже установлена и даже высвечивается мой последний смарт.Также отсылает на скачивание антивирусника Аваст и всё тоже самое,с той разницей,что он был использован последний раз 10.01.2020г.(когда смарт ещё был у меня).Но я его не использовал.
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