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Obviously the one making the video doesn't realize that the Avast protection is based on multiple shields.
Some of them interact and are a part of the other. Simply turning shields off at random, will get you some unwanted and unexpected results.

Nothing "interacts". That's why these are INDIVIDUAOL shields which can be enabled or disabled INDIVIDUALLY.

The "interaction" think is the usual excuse to justify failure...

I agree with you.
You have that right even if it's not correct. :)

Why "exactly" it's not correct?
Which shields " interact and are a part of the other"???
If they are part of each other, how come you can disable them , one by one, ore even decide to uninstall them????

I understand that you are in love with Avast!, but this shouldn't affect common sense.
Русский / Re: Аваст пароли
« Last post by Ivanych on Today at 12:12:27 PM »
У меня ещё действует лицензия на аваст пароли, и ранее я создавал хранилище и придумал от него пароль, примерно месяц или два назад я заходил в тот раздел, а теперь выдаёт следующее...
Непонятно зачем вообще это нужно хранилище ! Государственных тайн у пользователей нет !
Я 7 лет пользуюсь Личным кабинетом Google и все пароли и закладки там сохраняются нормально.А при входе на нужный сайт,мой браузер SRWare Iron всегда нужный пароль сам вставит ! Зачем навешивать разные программы на системный диск,не понятно совсем !
Avast Mac Security / Re: Mail and Web Shield vs Ancestry.Com
« Last post by donv1 on Today at 11:38:48 AM »
Help on this matter anyone? See screen shots above if pertinent to you.
Deutsch / Re: AVAST Windows 10 4K Darstellung verbessern.
« Last post by HSTG on Today at 11:34:48 AM »
Was heißt mittelfristig, wie ist das gemeint wie lange es braucht bis neue AVAST update kommt das 4K darstellung verbessert?
Deutsch / Re: Avast kauft CCleaner.
« Last post by HSTG on Today at 11:33:25 AM »
@Asyn Ich danke für die Antwort.

Ich beherrsche doch die deutsche Sprache. Ich bin 36Jahre ich bin deutscher.

Keiner hat gesagt das man mich nicht ernst nimmt. Natürlich werde ich ernst genommen egal wo ich im Internet schon geschrieben habe und weiteren werde.
Is this a real threat?
No it is a vulnerability

Should i contact the router manufacturer?
The user have to secure there router / network .... latest firmware, strong password, change default admin login .......

My office use a 4G Wireless Broadband with limited data (please don't ask why). So i resort to use a free wifi provided by a closeby restaurant and sometimes a hotel next door. The password for the restaurant wifi was widely available.

Just cleaned my computer with avast because of some trojan, thank you AVAST.

When i did a SMART SCAN. It detect a the router as "WEAK WIRELESS PASSWORD" and 2 "DEVICE IS VULNERABLE TO ATTACKS". 1 show the weak wifi password and the second one show THE ROUTER login PASSWORD. The user name is pretty simple, admin, and i use the weak password provided by AVAST SMART SCAN. It did work, i can login to a router SETUP which i never access before.

The hotel free wifi was showing GREEN result, since it got a BETTER password for it's router, i think.

Is this a real threat? Or has it happen before? Should i contact the router manufacturer?

Advice please.
Deutsch / Re: Avast kauft CCleaner.
« Last post by Navgot on Today at 11:12:24 AM »
Sehr geehrter Herr HSTG,

wenn Sie wirklich so toll sind wie Sie hier im Forum immer schreiben, warum beherrschen Sie dann scheinbar die deutsche Sprache nicht ??

Wenn ich mir hier Ihre "ach so tollen und vernünftigen" Beiträge ansehe, denn lesen die sich als würden sie von einem 6-jähringen Legastheniker kommen.

So wie Sie jetzt schreiben ist es doch kein Wunder, dass Sie hier keiner ernst nimmt !
More details might help...

- Which version of Avast Free..?
- OS..? (32/64 Bit..? - which SP/Build..?)
- Other security related software installed..?
- A screenshot could help as well...
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