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I think you misunderstand. I wanted to make the Avast crew aware that Device Settings with exclusions are still not working. I don't want to nor should I need to submit different batch files for false positive "whitelisting" each time I make a change. The Avast program itself is not acknowledging its own exclusion rules.

I have noticed this as well. I have whitelisted several files using every form of syntax/wildcards I can imagine, and the files are still being flagged.

100% agree with Manley on the whitelists not working correctly.
That's really helpful of Google.

I generally don't have Location (GPS) enabled because of all of the google tracking and cr4p. I only enable it when I absolutely need it otherwise it is off.

That "Google tracking and crXp" is a myth, believe me -- nobody from Google will care about "YOU" in particular. One in a billion users? Sorry to ruin your pride, bro!
... But I find the Google history of places I visited (in Gmaps) very useful (when GPS is turned "on", BTW the power-management is much better now and it is not "on" all the time but only when it detects "movement")

I would even rely on this "history" as a "backup" solution, to apps that are failing to do their job with every new release of OS/and/or device (hint to Avast) ... Don't be pissed, please, and if you are on the CIA list "for monitoring" ... your trouble is much bigger than GPS not working in Avast LOL :) ...  8)
Uninstall(using avastclear.exe) and re-install 17.3.2290.
But, the problem happens again after heavy network using.

Avast 17.3.2288 was working without such problem.

(Windows10 Home 64bit 1607.)
General Topics / Re: Avast Keeps Blocking Killing Floor 2 Server
« Last post by Akendolfr on Today at 09:07:51 PM »
Well I've been messing around a bit and even after stopping the Firewall and Windows Firewall it is still being blocked by something. All the ports are properly open as I have done the checks but still something is blocking it. I don't know where to go from here.
General Topics / Re: Removing McAfee from Dell Laptop
« Last post by Staticguy on Today at 09:05:20 PM »
Thanks pondus and Mchain: I have used the links that you provided for me. I did the correct way of uninstalling it. Thanks  :). I am now very happy for my new laptop DELL Inspiron 15 Gaming, check out the specs  ;)
Stop giving wrong information.
Flashing the rom with the manufacturers software = factory reset

As I said, unless the phone is broken, nothing can prevent that.

Don't want to fight with you, Eddie, but you still have to learn more details of what is flashing. "Flashing" is also used very generically here, there are differences of tools and memory segments that are reprogrammed depending of the flash "image". But, for short, flashing is not equivalent to a factory reset, and not everyone knows how to do it.
Hi tc0566,

I understand that this bug is bothering you but at Support there is just as much as we can do, other than what we informed you in the email we sent on Sunday:

This bug was actually known when Avast 2017 was in beta before the official release.  :D
Avast Anti-Theft for Android / Re: IMEI not showing in my avast!
« Last post by mitko.milev on Today at 08:52:52 PM »
Ninja,  I have pretty much similar complaints -- after changing OS/and/or devices...

Many features no longer work as they used to -- I think that this is because Android OS/Google is tightening the access of these for security reasons.

What I do know is, that for all my devices that are 'rooted' -- all features do still work ...
Quote from: Pondus
It could be (meaning) it is dependent on AV product?

Of course yes.... in this case not avast (at least this time) thanks to the improvements on the back end and their lab.     

Most AV's are not traditional anymore.
Antivirus is Evolving and will be Evolving forever. :)   
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