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  Воспользовался  поиском   ПК  ,  вручную удалил ещё много файлов и папок . Вот эти остались их не получилось удалить , могу конечно программой унлокер удалить . Но в папке S S  они вроде бы и не мешают компьютеру , а унлокер может и систему положить .   
I hope the payment option is available using playstore subscription.
It is sound ackward but could help us much.
Thank you very much.
Beta - Avast / Re: New beta version 21.6.2474
« Last post by schmidthouse on Today at 04:54:48 AM »
Got it, thanks!
Avast AntiTrack / Re: Slowing down pc
« Last post by R R Mahmud on Today at 04:50:40 AM »
I am also waiting for next update.that next update will help us for Best performance for WINDOWS 7
My new computer is very fast as "8 core/16 thread CPU", "32GB DDR4-3200 Memory", and "7GB/s NVMe 500GB SSD". Current files in the SSD is 125GB.
Avast full virus SSD scan of 125GB took 9 minutes, and Avast boot time SSD scan of 125GB took 8 minutes.
I want Avast becomes to finish either full virus or boot time SSD scan of 125GB in 0.5 minutes with foreground full computer resource usage.
I was installing the msys2 development environment, and while updating the packages with the msys2 pacman command, avast detected IDP.generic in the file gpg-agent.exe (I presume that this is a false positive).   I was not immediately sure about the file, so I let avast quarnatine the file, but later determined that I need it for my mys2 environment to work.

When I open the avast quarantine window I get a spinning circle for about 5 minutes, during which time, the controls at the top of the window and on the left hand panel are unresponsive.  Eventually the window is populated with a list of quarantined files, but all of the controls on the window remain totally unresponsive.


If I wait another 5 minutes per mouse click, I can restore the file, but the quarantine window remains generally unresponsive.
I'm fully convinced that this is a serious bug in Avast, I now have a ticket open that's been elevated to senior-level technical support. The technician that took control of my system has also concluded that there must be some kind of defect/bug in Avast and has submitted all required data and logs via something called the Avast Support Tool. To any Avast employee here on these forums, my ticket/case number is 13695683. This is indeed a bug of some sort, and it needs to be investigated and fixed.

What's scary about this is that I have no idea if my system is protected or not.
Else one could have visited a site like: -
It is also a parked website at dan dot com with various site issues:

With https-everywhere installed you have to willfully open up to such an less secure website.

Inline scripts on website:
15,438 bytes, 149 nodes

Javascript 25   (external 18, inline 7)​gtm.js?id=GTM-TQWL3L​analytics.js
INLINE: /* * This entire block is wrapped in an IIFE to prevent polluting the scope of
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There is 10% tracking and 20% ads on webpage being blocked, web analytics paused 2 (Google's).

polonus (volunteer 3rd party cold recon website security analyst and website error-hunter)
Viruses and worms / Re: Avast is flagging my site for phishing
« Last post by polonus on Yesterday at 10:02:08 PM »
@ the Topic Starter & DavidR,

That is good news as that is the actual situation now.
That should mean, that that previous hack has successfully been mitigated.

Русский / Re: нет веб подключения
« Last post by Александр1002 on Yesterday at 09:34:28 PM »
Quote from: Ivanych
Лично я никогда не применял утилиту для удаления Аваста. Один раз всего для удаления применил прогу RevoUnistaller,
  А как она сможет помочь если следов аваста не видит ?
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