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So I claimed a free trial for Avast Clean Up, that required entering my credit card/pay pal information. I tried to cancel but I got an error saying the servers are not responding. And I have no option to turn off auto pay. Can someone please help me. I sent an e-mail to support, but I am anxious as I do not have enough money on my Paypay.
Thanks to anyone who can help
buenos dias, tengo una pc que no tiene inter y su kic avast free ya esta por vencer, como hago para obtener una licencia nuevas...

gracias por su atencion.
First off, I do not expect Avast to support software issues when running on Windows Insider Preview builds.  I just figured someone might like to know since these builds eventually become release builds.

Initially was getting UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP while running Avast after update to Insider Preview build 17035. Could only boot in safe mode. Uninstalling Avast allowed system to boot. Updated to build 17040 and then tried to reinstall Avast. Halfway through install, even with all optional Avast components not selected, consistently got a green screen. Think it was bad pool header or bad IRQ request or something similar at this point.  Prior to build 17035 install, had not been having any issues.

Have removed Avast for now and installed Bitdefender.  Everything running fine now.  Submitted feedback to Microsoft as well.
У меня лицензионная верси AIS-а  Смотрите у себя в бесплатной версии.

Иваныч, большое спасибо. С этим экраном у меня нет проблем. Вопрос по другой функции - Защита конфиденциальных данных. Там нет никакой настройки, кроме сканирования, смысла в котором я не вижу.
Насчёт обновлений скажу одно.У меня Центр обновлений настроен так,что я сам решаю ставить или не ставить новое обновление.И прежде чем его устанавливать,я захожу на сайт и читаю про это обновление.Вот вам две ссылки по вашим обновлениям ! Заходите и читайте для чего они !  Оно от 14 марта 2017 года ! Вы опоздали с ним !  И это от 14 марта 2017 года ! Они одинаковые ! Ставить надо более позднее по номеру !
Оба обновления ------------
Обновления для системы безопасности для DVD-студии Windows, графического компонента Майкрософт, драйверов, работающих в режиме ядра Windows, проигрывателя Windows Media, служб MSXML, ОС Windows, устаревания SHA-1 для сертификатов SSL/TLS, ядра Windows, Microsoft Uniscribe, сервера SMB, Windows Hyper-V, служб IIS и служб федерации Active Directory (AD FS).

Иваныч, благодарю вас за комментарий, вы, как всегда, обстоятельно все поясняете. Согласна с вами, с обновлениями нужно поосторожнее. Прежде чем устанавливать названные мной обновления, я тоже много чего о них прочитала. На сайте Microsoft они рекламировались, в том числе, как устраняющие уязвимость, которую атакует вирус WannaCry. Действовала согласно рекомендаций, полученных на сайтах Microsoft и др. и не жалею.

ich hatte es eben so installiert wie ich es gewohnt war,,also die Empfohlene Einstellung.
Ich kann es nicht mehr testen ,habe es deinstalliert und ein anderes Programm am laufen.
Falls ich wieder wechsel und das Thema nochon ist ,würde ich ein Feedback geben.

Italiano / richiesta cancellazione account - account removal request
« Last post by Flashzap on Today at 12:33:26 AM »
Gradirei che il mio account su questo forum fosse cancellato, non avendo trovato alcuna opzione né di modificare l'e-mail address nè di cancellazione,  non mi resta che chiedere direttamente lumi nel forum.
Anche una cencellazione d'ufficio è bene accetta

Grazie anticipatamente

I'd like to have my forum account removed, since I  couldn't find any option in my user control panel to delete or to replace my e-mail address with a new one  I though to ask for help here.
I wouldn't mind if an administrator will delete my forum account directly and without any further notice.
Sorry for my english.

Thank you in advance

After electing to put background processes "To sleep" with Avast Cleanup to improve performance, (Adobe Reader and Adobe Photoshop Elements 12) the programs could not be opened until I uninstalled the Avast Cleanup program. My understanding was that the programs would start on demand when needed. I also could not get the cleanup program itself to open, this is why I uninstalled. Maybe I'll try again someday when the bugs are worked out.
I decided to try it as well and ... unfortunately it proved to be true ...

You decided to try what? Uninstalling Avast while you already had another antivirus???
No wonder that you had a sluggish performance.
Viruses and worms / Re: URL:Mal & Other Popups
« Last post by Twobees on Yesterday at 11:27:40 PM »
Here are the requested text files. The scan with MWB was not with the trial version of the program, only the free, basic version.

What do you mean when you're asking "do I use other devices with Chrome"? Like a phone, laptop, or tablet? I use Chrome on my mobile phones but I do not have a data plan, I only use WiFi.

I have not tried this link's help yet ( ) that you provided because the same one was posted to me on the MWB forums. I'm waiting for them to open the thread back up so I can ask more questions about it.

I'm not sure if that second link provided for me ( ) can help or not, because I do not have the premium version of MWB anymore, and it is not an active protection program, it is only a scanner. It's not detecting anything anymore, but Avast still is, despite being a free version of it and not the paid service.

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