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Русский / Re: форум на русском есть?
« Last post by George_S on Today at 09:30:34 AM »
А шо, таки тут украинский? ;D

Am looking to buy license for 5 PCs. Granted that an Android phone is not a PC, is there a product that can be installed on both PCs and Android phones please?

Thank you very much!
@  Sam 2

Suggest use Chrome browser instead. 

You could find you need help in cleansing your system(s) of malware you got from installing illegal programs, and needing help to fix.  Illegal programs are not supported so fixing them will not be possible.
You accounts still exist. If you uninstalled the product, we deleted the session that kept you logged in in the product. You just have to log in again with the original email and password.

If you are having issues with singing in. Go directly to and try there (all the options including reseting your password are there)
Avast Secure Browser / Re: Where can I find Avast SafeZone browser?
« Last post by mchain on Today at 08:24:32 AM »

Avast Safe Zone Browser is not supported anymore, as it once was based on the Opera browser.  Avast has moved away from using Opera as source code for its security browser and now is using Chromium based code for the Avast Secure Browser. 

Support for ASZB ended sometime last year:

It's evident Avast FAQ's needs updating.
PS. I'm trying to post this and I need to verificate...
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Viruses and worms / Please Remove My Site From URL:PHISHING
« Last post by ck8 on Today at 07:56:01 AM »
Please help! I'm the webmaster of and avast has been alerting of URL:PHISHING on my site. I believe this issue has been rectified on my site. Would you be able to verify and remove the alert on the site please? Thanks!
Really wtf.. Just created an account for this... I have also been scammed. I as many others here was careful and read the boxes.. So either way it wasn't there or was very well hidden... How the fuck is such a thing even legal..

How sad that such big companies who were respected in the past like avast and CCleaner fell so low...

PS. I'm trying to post this and I need to verificate but the fucking image is an unreadable mess... I keep refreshing but nothing better wtf..
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