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Здравствуйте, есть ли способы как-то запустить файл через песочницу без использования ПКМ и самого аваста?
Ну т.к. знаю можно тыкнуть ПКМ по файлу и выбрать запуск через песочницу. Но есть ли способы, чтобы не тыкать ПКМ по файлу?

Может есть способы создать ярлык, который автоматом сразу запустит конкретный файл через песочницу? Либо же может существуют команды для cmd, которые позволят запустить тот же файл сразу через песочницу(батник)?

В общем цель - запустить файл через песочницу одним ЛКМ, возможно(батник,ярлык - всё равно)? Я понимаю, что для многих эта задача покажется бессмысленной, но мне в идеале нужно именно такое решение.
Avast Mac Security / Re: Avast 14.2 not updating virus definitions ...
« Last post by .: Mac :. on Yesterday at 11:40:28 PM »
Correct streaming updates do not update the VPS version, but the main VPS package update does. Historically it was daily, lately that has slowed down and sometimes is daily and sometimes every few days.

The streaming update platform is faster to respond to new threats than the old way of releasing a VPS package. Its also faster to correct an issue like a false positive. As Ondrej noted, its irrelevant the date of the VPS package and more relevant to the date/time of the last update downloaded but coming from a business background I can understand the issue with VPN and NAC/NAP type sensors checking Virus database dates.

 I think it would be reasonable to do a VPS update every three days, with streaming updates in between. This should satisfy the strictest enterprise policies.
Espanol / Avast me corta el internet
« Last post by matiasminich on Yesterday at 11:29:25 PM »
Hola, quisiera saber si alguien me puede ayudar, mi problema es que el avast me quita la conexion de wifi, estoy en una laptop, pero cuando desactivo el avast el internet vuelve a funcionar
I'm not sure what error messages they receive.  All they say is that they couldn't open it.
Sorry but that's not enough information to even guess what the problem might be.
I have Avast installed and have no problems opening or sharing pdf files.
I'm not sure what error messages they receive.  All they say is that they couldn't open it.
Viruses and worms / Re: Exe turning to zero bytes
« Last post by Sass Drake on Yesterday at 10:53:54 PM »
Can you post screenshot (or explain it more detailed) of application reduced to zero bytes please?
not sure if i have to create my on thread but i just wished to know ..

is it possible for me to create a rescue disk then scan an infected computer that never had Avast without installing avast?
Yes once the rescue disk function is again working.
Avast Mac Security / Re: Avast 14.2 not updating virus definitions ...
« Last post by YYZGB on Yesterday at 10:17:59 PM »
If I am not mistaken, it was posted earlier that the streaming updates will not update the version number you see in the About page

There are streaming updates every 5-10 minutes that do not change the version number but you should still see an update about once a day for the master VPS update
General Topics / Re: Avast Sponsored Security Seminars
« Last post by bob3160 on Yesterday at 10:15:03 PM »

10-20-2019 East-Central Ohio Technology Users Club - Newark, OH

This afternoon I addressed the members of the ECOTUC.
I've been a member of this club for quite a few years because they pass along so much
valuable technology related information.
It was an excellent presentation and was followed by many questions covering VPN,
WiFi Inspector, Password Manager, Avast Mobile Security and,
Applying a credit freeze.

Weird, I thought there used to be a bloody great Pause button in earlier versions.  But then I rarely if ever use on-demand scans (much depreciated in resident on-access AVs) other than as a result of questions in the forums.

It has either has been removed or omitted.

The Smart scan would appear to be an exception (as it would really like to sell you something), but then again it scans for all sorts of other cr4p.  It has a Stop Scan button, when you do use it, there is a Keep Scanning option and then click the Next button.
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