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Поэтому и висит в трее уведомление о необходимости обновления сигнатур.
А вы разве не знаете,где можно регулировать время показа уведомлений разного типа ? Вот вам скрины и ищите у себя их и ставьте где надо по Нулям, где надо снимайте галочки и точки ! И не будет у вас показа их.
Deutsch / Re: Avast Verhaltensschutz ist deaktiviert
« Last post by Asyn on Today at 09:30:52 AM »
Hi, die Devs haben einen möglichen Bug gefunden, wird voraussichtlich in V19.6 behoben.

G Asyn
Thank you for reporting this, the fix is ready, it will be released soon, probably today or tomorrow.
Hi to everybody,
after upgrading my Windows 10 to version 1903 (build 18362.175) I get a blue screen each time I try to open some kind of attachments in Outlook 2016 (version 1905 buld 11629.20246) for example PDF files or double-clicking on links in the email body.

The error message is APC_INDEX_MISMATCH without any sub-code or specific file name or other information

If I temporary turn off the Avast protection I can open the same attachments or links without any problem.
Avast is updated to version 19.5.2378 (build 19.5.4444.505)

What can I do?
Thanks in advance

PS: Captcha is only needed for your first 3 posts. (Spam protection)
Avast Mac Security / Weknow malware
« Last post by HiHoStevo on Today at 08:06:39 AM »
I downloaded and installed the free version of Avast, but after running a full scan it did not find or eradicate the Weknow Malware?

Is there a version of Avast that does eradicate this Malware?

Thank you
We are internally tracking this bug since two days ago. It is currently being analyzed by our developers.
If you happen to talk to our support you can use bug number CBC-8648 as a reference.
Viruses and worms / Re: Site url phishing
« Last post by Alyka on Today at 07:54:23 AM »
Submited the form
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