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New to your Forums . . .
« on: August 12, 2009, 05:02:51 PM »
Greetings from Texas,

New to your forums and not sure where this type of information should be posted.

About a month to month and a half ago I had Avast Home on my system along with CIS (Comodo Internet Security), both of the latest versions, CIS AntiVirus not installed.  Have been chasing other problems that can be covered at another time, they are not related to this problem.  Due to various suggestions for troubleshooting the removal of CIS was recommended, that did not help with my earlier problem.  Reinstalled CIS/Wo AntiVirus, set Avast to do a prior Windows start scan and the downloaded setup file for CIS was shown as being infected, the following is taken from ASWBOOT.TXT:

CIS_Setup_3.10.102363.531_XP_Vista_x32.xeX is infected by Win32:Small-MLD [Trj], Repair: Error 42060 {The file was not repaired.}

That is how it was identified to me as the scan was in operation.  NOT knowing if it was true or not, I am very nervous about any infections on my system plus very cautious when it comes to security.  I disconnected from the web and deleted that file then uninstalled CIS and went to Windows Firewall for my protection.  Had also been told to remove any antivirus software and download a fresh copy and reinstall which I did.  Upon getting a fresh copy of AVAST then doing the install, click on the setupeng.  UAC popup came up and told me my Administrator, me, had set policy to block this program.  Untrusted publisher.  That is not true . . have not set any policies plus Avast is trusted.  After several days and weeks of attempting to reinstall and getting the same UAC popup, I posted to CIS forums about this problem and they tell me their setup program is not infected.  Through various searches I have learned a method to get around that UAC problem and managed to get Avast reinstalled on my system, plus CIS is also reinstalled and working just fine.

Except for one point that is getting to be an aggravation, when right clicking on the SysTray Icon and selecting 'Start Avast! Antivirus' that UAC is back again.  What I was doing was going in with Admin Privaliges to a Cmd Prompt and executing the Avast scanner (ashavast.exe).  What may I do to get around or STOP this UAC problem with AVAST?

My system is Dell 531s AMD Athlon 64bit Dual Core Processor 4400+ O/S 32bit Windows Vista SP2 4Gig RAM.

Thank you for reading about my problem,