Author Topic: Details about automatic deletion of infected emails with Pro 4.8  (Read 1899 times)

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The topic of my post is very common, so I read a lot about it, but so far I couldn't find the answers to my particular questions.

Basically, I would like to set Avast! so that ALL infected emails get automatically and silently deleted without any action on my side when I'm downloading email with the email client.

I am running Avast! Pro 4.8 on a PC that has 2 email clients installed: Outlook and Eudora. I sometimes use Outlook, sometimes Eudora.
I read Tech's instructions below from other posts, and this made me wonder about a few things.

"Right click the Standartd Shield Task on the Enhanced Interface and choose Properties. Go to 'Virus' page of the providers (each one has its own) and set according to the picture:
(Oh, enable 'Advanced configuration' option at the bottom)"

1- To get to the picture that Tech refers to, I followed the following path: Enhanced User Interface > Tasks > As prompted, I created a copy of the "Resident protection" and set the copy as default > Properties of the copy of the "Resident protection" > Standard Shield > Virus.
Is that the right path?

2- In the picture, it shows: "repair if failed move to chest if failed choose action"
Since I'd rather have all infected emails deleted than sent to the chest, would the following line of action work for me? "repair if failed delete"

3- Is that the only setting required to fully automate the system, or is it also required to turn on the silent mode? In other words, should I also go to "Advanced" and check "Silent mode" with general answer "No"?

4- Do the Standard Shield settings supersede the Outlook/Exchange and Internet Mail settings, or should I also configure those 2 others just as well since I run Outlook and Eudora?
Also, I noticed the following in Outlook/Exchange > Inbound mail: "If avast! finds infected inbound message -> discard it unconditionally". Should this option be turned on?

5- Settings such as the one described above for Outlook/Exchange and the silent mode with several providers can be done either in the Enhanced User Interface or in On-Access Scanner? Which settings will supersede the others? For example, what happens if the Internet Mail's silent mode is on in the Enhanced Interface and off in On-Access Scanner?

Apologies for the detailed questions, but the avast! interface is quite complicated.

Thank you!