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Another Comodo Comedy
« on: November 05, 2009, 04:09:15 PM »  Hard to believe this stuff is posted and then not moderated.   And that so many there fail to realize that disrespecting other products and their users and raving about it while ignoring criticisms of ones own house is not a way to become a respected member of the community.  And even Warren Zevon fanboys get tired of "Poor poor pitiful me".
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Re: Another Comodo Comedy
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the whole world and Comodo... pathetic. These guys have an identity issue. No need to go into details, they just can't rid of that image of cheapness sticking to their soles.

The only haters are the ones who make money (or used to) from selling security to consumers... The people who love us are the beneficiaries..the people who use and get protected by Comodo.

because you Sir don't like to make money, and you Sir want to protect the Internets...brave Melih  :D

I mean lets be honest...
yeah  ;D
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Re: Another Comodo Comedy
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The Comodo sect... these guys should get some life :)
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Re: Another Comodo Comedy
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Why I can't stop laughing ? :)
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