Author Topic: Avast do not stop infected mails....  (Read 3751 times)

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Avast do not stop infected mails....
« on: June 13, 2004, 03:47:04 PM »
Hi !

I have avast pro. I have also configured a protection for pop3 server so avast can listen to this port an scan incoming e-mails. I use poco mail.... but not a lot because this is not my primary e-mai addres. The point is that the avast detect the viruses in attachments, and i choose the option to delete viruses. The problem is that the avast do not stop this infected mails and they reach my computer. The attachemnts get stored in the folder i choose... they are infected and the although i choose to delete them, they are on my pc and they are infected !!!!

I have manualy to delete them from the folder. Why ??? why avast let them reach and stay in folder on my pc ???
I dont understand !

Today i get a w32beagle-z and i choose to delete it. It happens often that i get this one. But after i delete it... i get away from a while and when i return to the screen the message is there whith a notice that i have this virus ! How can I get rid of this one ? I think the avast is not so effective to delete this virus. I read on the net on symantec help that I have to turn off system restore before the scan.

Well in time to time my opinion and trust in this software is falling  :-\